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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What do you Do?

It struck me tonight while I was in a little street battle (over 3K health!) that I will always play my maximum spell. When there is not much left on my enemy, but I have enough pips or an astral enhancement.... that I will use whatever is the biggest hit. I have just finished a battle, that saw one Life School Treant with 88 health left. I had a number of pips, Vengeance was in play, and Colossal was in my deck..... along with Wraith and Vampire... and a wand wisp.

So what to do?

For me it was a no brainer.... Vengeance had 3 rounds left, I already had a blade..... time to run Colossal on Wraith and then play that card. The 88 health on the Treant had nowhere to hide! My damage attack was in excess of 2,000..... that Treant was dust! 

 Looking at my choices, each one of them are winning cards, but the "Super Torment" is the only guaranteed non-fizzle card. That is what can make the choice more difficult.... do you go for the guaranteed winning blow, or do you risk a potentially safe outcome by playing a card that has 85% chance of NOT fizzling? 

This is again where I believe that Death Wizards have the advantage. We have every reason to run the risk and play the card with a  greater chance to fizzle - after-all..... a Wraith, with +275, + my damage % of 23, with a blade and Vengeance running pretty much means one thing..... huge hit.... and huge 50% health back. And there we have the reason. If I can run out of a battle with full life then I will...... It has nothing to do with showing off, or the theatrics of a particular spell..... it is purely about getting that health back and if I don't have to spend my time running around after red wisps, then why not?

What do you do?

Have fun, until next time,

1 comment:

  1. Sounds to me like smart thinking on your part.

    Am questing with a lLife at the moment, I would've probably used the wand hit. No health back for Life spells and mana is currently something to be hoarded, lol, especially when all the blue wisps are back in the Jade Palace.