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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mass Prisms

You know there are spells that I hear other Wizards speak of and because they are not ones that I have I kinda forget about them. The "Mass" spells are such spells. I recently gained the "Mass Infection" spell, but had completely forgotten there was another.

And today I found it! Thanks to Cassie the Ponycorn vendor over in Avalon. She was one of those vendors that don't show you what's on offer. Always check out the vendors that you see, particularly the ones that have no identifying words or pictures!!! These might just be one of the secret vendors.....

Obviously it is a no brainer that I will go for the Mass Death Prism, as this will be so handy in a fully death battle. I'm actually quite excited about this spell, much more so than Mass Infection!

As you can see I have 10 training points still. The spell I am waiting patiently for is Colossal.....  But having trained in Myth and also having the Myth Mastery Amulet, I had a think about whether training in the Mass Myth Prism too.
It actually wasn't too difficult a choice, as the only Prisms I have for Myth are treasure cards, so this would actually be extremely useful too.

So when you are over in Avalon, don't forget to check out Cassie. She's in the Wild, amongst the toadstools before you get to the village.

Have fun, until next time,


I thought I would check what part of Avalon I would find the sun school trainer on Wiz101 Central. To my horror, I found out that I could train in the spell at level 64 and the trainer is in Zafaria. Unbelievable! I would have passed by that Trainer several times, I have no doubt!

So there is an update here:

If you miss it like I did, then head over to Zafaria, go to Stone Town, Waterfront and the Drum Jungle. These are all accessed by boat. When you get to Drum Jungle the trainer is right in front of you. Happy to have my spell, but can't believe I missed it for so long!!


  1. Congrats on getting Colossal.

    Oh and the mass death and myth prisms. Having a myth amulet must be so handy and, without spoiling anything for you, having shatter or earthquake tc and a myth amulet could come in handy in the new dungeons that are currently on test realm.

    On the spell front, have to admit to double checking the Central wiki to make sure I had picked up all the ones for my Balance wiz.... must remember to do that for my others.

    Have fun and take care - happy wizzing in the Spiral!

  2. Hey Scarlet. I must admit I do not regret training Myth and getting the Amulet. Being Death I don't need to worry about healing, or else I might have chosen life. And yes, shatter/earthquake are very useful, as well as having an all hitter for 4 pips (although I really do not like the spewing frog spell lol!).

    You have fun too!

  3. Lol, oh am with you there. Quite like frogs (except touching them) but really do not like the frog vomit! (What has that guy been eating?)

    And thanks :D