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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Calista - Defeating the Storm.....

Hey everyone,

Still solo'ing Avalon for the main part. Helping others, but doing my own thing on my battles.  Then along came Calista in a very purple Cave of Anguish.... and I was a little perturbed. Storm boss and Storm minion? Seriously? I went in with my normal gear, fairly standard boss deck.... and was defeated. Hmmmm.

Time to consider some way of blocking Storm critical, boosting Myth Critical Rating and rearranging my deck. As it happens I had a couple of gear items that I had kept from the Nightmare packs. I have never used them before, but they looked like they may just save the day. It took my health rather low, but left me with high Crit-Rating on Death and Myth, with OK all-round Crit Block and resistance.

Normal goal in this type of battle is to defeat the minion. Luckily this battle did not have any cheats - it was just a case of digging in. I made sure my deck was packed with Storm Shields, and used a few early on to save health while the enemy pips dwindled.

It is a problem in the battles nowadays - the bosses and minions start with so many pips!! But new gear and deck seemed to be doing the trick though.

 This will be most useful when the test realm takes the updates live. Being able to keep gear sets together - I can't wait for that! So my second attempt of this battle actually went really well.

My health dipped to about 700 at one stage, but Patch looked after me in addition to my self-healing abilities. Before I knew it the battle was done......

I must make a note of what I gear I was equipped with so I can put it to one side for my "Storm Gear". And definitely happy with the outcome..... although some stiching is clearly in order!

What about you guys? Have you already got some equipment sets in mind?

Have fun, until next time,

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