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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Jabberwock in 54 Moves - Solo

Yep. 54 moves..... that's when you dig in and hope your deck will see you through! And mine very nearly didn't. Take a look - this is what I had left in my deck at the end. I played the Tower shield and then the Vampire to finish him off. I actually couldn't have asked for better cards to be left in my deck!

So how did I do it? Well, I followed the advice on the Wiz101Central forums. From my previous post you can see that I had Quench in my standard deck. I also purchased more at the Bazaar to ensure I could get hold of them when I needed. My side deck had 80% Quench, a couple of healing cards and the rest were Fire Shields. The most important points I took from the advice on the forum was the following:

1. You have to start second. If you are first, Flee. 
2. You have to use Quench prior to every 3rd round, to dispel the cheat meteor
3. You need to hit on the third round, to utilise the 200% trap

If you don't know, the problem with this battle is the cheating Meteor. It occurs every third round and can hit up to around 2,600. The good news is that a 200% all school trap also goes in place at the same time, so any hit on the Jabberwock gets a nice boost. I'm not going to list everything I read on the forum here, the Duelist's did a very good job of their post and it has a tonne of information relating to different schools and how many people are in the battle. For me - it wanted to do it solo....

To make sure I kept count of the rounds, I listed them on a piece of paper and highlighted 2,5,8 etc in orange - this was my Quench marker. I marked 3,6,9 etc in yellow - these were my hit markers. 1,4,10 etc I would blade, shield or use Vengeance. Pips were my biggest problem. Not being  a Fire Wizard or having a Fire Amulet, that Quench was 2 pips. Generally it was actually 4 pips as I get good Power Pips for the main part. This is what made the battle tricky - building enough pips to cause enough damage. Once the Storm minion was out of the way, I could concentrate on hitting when the 200% trap is in play. This is what you want to see every time to hit him :)

Being a Death Wizard, the 200% trap is a real bonus as that means my self healing gets a good boost.

And that was it. I used 2-rounds to play 0-pip spells to keep my pips up, they couldn't be below 2 on the 'orange' markers or the dispel couldn't be played. It was slow, but the hits were OK.

My deck didn't let me down, and keeping my side deck almost full of Quench was an absolute necessity.

All in all, I am pleased with the result, and glad I looked up hints on the forum.

Have fun, until next time,

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  1. Congratulations on winning such an epic battle solo. Impressive.