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Monday, 3 November 2014

As Halloween Departs the Spiral, will the Test Realm open soon?

Top stories this week.....
  • Evergreen Bundle 
  • Rumours are Rife 
  • Farewell Halloween 
It is fair to say that the folks over at KI work really hard to keep us Wizards entertained and excited to keep playing in the Spiral. Every week seems to bring with it something new , and this week is no exception, with the release of two new bundles. Not only that though, the rumour machine is up and running and there is plenty of chatter about a Spiral wide update and the Test Realm is expected to go live again in the not too distant future. Hints are everywhere and it is interesting to see what some of our fellow bloggers are predicting!

This is also the final day of Halloween, I hope you made use of your crowns and got some of those Halloween packs. You won't see them again until next year!

Of course there are other stories around, so to catch up on all the other stories shared by Wizards around the globe, click on the paper.

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

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