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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More Training Required.....

So everyone knows by now that I go for most, if not all, of my battles solo. I like the personal challenge, and I believe that being death makes it slightly easier as I can self heal.

Obviously, it's not always possible. I will ask for help if I need to. But if the call for help comes then I will defer my challenge and go help. It's not that I prefer solo - I just love a good challenge.

And then along comes the Jabberwock.......  First time in I was flabbergasted to see that a fire boss had 25,000 health. And then came the cheat.... you know the first couple of times I missed the cheat... I was multi-tasking and then to find I had gone from over 2,200 health to defeated.... Wow!!!! Next time I concentrated and saw that meteor for what it was. I was in trouble.

I tried a few times, it is very unlike me to give up quickly, but it was obvious that the cheats in this battle were way beyond my current capability. With my wizard list empty I decided to look up Jabberwocky on Central and see if there were hints and tips I could use.
The biggest hint was the use of Quench. This is the Fire Dispel card. I had none. Time to wander off to the Bazaar and see what I can purchase. They are not a normally stocked item.......

I was there for a while before I had chance to purchase some, so I decided to change tact and find out if it was possible to train in these dipels. I seem to remember them a while ago, and discounted them wondering why I would ever need the card..... it seems that now might be that time!

Colossus Boulevard was my destination, and I knew exactly where to find this NPC.....  Mildred Farseer. She is just like the wicked witch of the west in a certain movie (cue "Ding Dong the witch is dead"!), so she stands out from some of those I have met throughout my journey in the Spiral.

So I decided to train in both the Fire and the Myth dispels. I still have 7 training points left after this, and have not completed the Training Point quests in both Celestia and Zafaria, so I know I have at least another 2 on the way.

I have no doubt that my patience will be tested in this battle, and time will tell if I call on help from my friends at the Keep or elsewhere in the Spiral.

For now, I have teleported to the immediate location, though the battle itself will need to wait for another day. This battle has now claimed me 5 times.

Are there any hints or tips from my friends out there? Would love to hear your strategies!! I'll let you know how I get on!

You might notice that all these gear changes I have been looking into recently has seen a deviation from the usual white/gold look I have been seen in for a while. I used some smaller wizard friends to find a look to match my guitar.... what do you guys think?

Have fun, until next time.

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  1. More training required was great - hard to believe it is a year ago now