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Friday, 28 November 2014

Pets that give Energy

You know I wasn't too excited when I saw new pets were available. I have enough trouble finding time and (I hate to admit it) inclination to train what I have so I didn't look at their stats. I just wasn't interested enough.

So tonight when I logged on and found Maintenance scheduled 10 mins later, I thought I would check out the Crown Shop and look at the couple of new offerings. Dapper Corgi was the first one I looked at, and I very nearly fell off my chair!

This was something new, I'm pretty sure I hadn't seen it before.... I did some reading on some forums and that seemed to confirm my suspicions.....

This is a pet that has 8 energy at baby.... yeah baby! 8 energy!

There are a large number of new pets in the Test Realm right now and many, many wizards are training to reveal the talents for us. I noticed there are some May Cast fishing talents being revealed as well, though I am pretty sure that this is the only Energy giving pet available right now.  With energy being the elixir of gold in the Spiral for gardeners and anglers alike, I guess we can look forward to a new era of pet talents.

Exciting times ahead, I just need to find some extra motivation to do the training - I have over 200 mega snacks just sitting in my back-pack waiting to be used.

So have you bought one? What talents have you revealed?

Have fun, until next time,

1 comment:

  1. I haven't bought one but am hoping that eventually one of the locked rooms in Barkingham will present me with one.

    That would be a wonderfully useful pet to have, especially with the new 'sets' that make swapping into a different set of gear so easy.

    It sounds like you may have a Corgi. Hope that you are pleased with it.