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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Secret Bosses of Aquila

You may or may not be aware of the secret bosses in the 3 dungeons of Aquila, Gladiator Dimachaerus, the Sand Squid, and Cronus.

The first of the 3 secret bosses is the mighty Gladiator Dimachaerus. This mighty gladiator, is located in a seemingly closed gate which leads into the place that Zeus, Poseidon and Hades trapped him...
The Pit of the Noxii.

The Gladiator has a whopping 30 000 Health! Making him a very tough opponent even for the toughest of wizards (although, me and a 2 other level 30's got him down to less then half health).

The Gladiator is most well known for his incredible ring, the 'Alpha and Omega Ring' as well as his exalted amulet drops.

The next hidden boss is known only as the Sand Squid, the most painful boss of the 3. This massive squid has captured a crew of 2 Marleybone civilians and it is your job to rescue them.

Located in the ruins of a wrecked ship in the depths of Atlantea, the Sand Squid's Tentacle has a massive 28 000 health!

The Sand Squid is most well known for his exalted amulet drops but I do not recommend farming him for them as he is quite the tough boss fight.

The last of the 3 secret Aquila bosses, is Cronus. Father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, in Tartarus's Cave of Nyx. Being the father of 3 devastatingly powerful sons, you would expect Cronus to be powerful. He doesn't disappoint!

With an incredible 30 000 health and cheats to top it all off, Cronus is a true challenge for even the toughest wizards.

Cronus is mostly known for dropping the amazingly powerful athame, the 'Blade of the Felled Titan' and the 'Exalted Amulets'. If you're looking for the athame then definitely put a target on Cronus, however, if you are looking solely for the exalted amulets, then perhaps the Gladiator may be a better choice.

Hopefully you've enjoyed my first post in a long time, and hopefully I will definitely be putting a lot more up for you to learn about and enjoy.

Thanks for reading!


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