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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Last Solo Dungeon for a While......

Hey Everyone,

Managed to get back in the Spiral today, and it's been battle after battle in Zafaria. Finally a dungeon  came my way - Tomb Sweet Tomb. I always like a dungeon that has some quests to complete that are not all battles.

For this one I had to Drum the Drums in a set sequence, (and fast enough!) to light them all in green. I took a snap as it was quite a sight to see when I completed it.

Then there were a few small battles, of course small in Zafaria means 3,000 health and 4 or 5 power pips at the start! They were all enemies I had fought before, and even in my gardening clothes they didn't cause much drama.
Completing the battles gave me items for the Queen, which then had to be placed on the 4 pedestals - bracelet, robe, ring and horn. The last thing to place was the horn..... this causes a ramble and lo and behold - the door opens....

 My goal is to free Prince Tiziri Silvertusk, but wait.... who's this that has made an appearance. Oh no! It's Morganthe...... I quickly set my deck choc full of converts and steady myself for a large battle. But, to my surprise, neither Morganthe or Tsi-Tsi appear in the battle. 
No it's those Shadow Web-Haunts. My goal is to defeat 2 of them, but there are four in front of me, and yes - I have to defeat them all.

So 1-Death Wizard against 4-Death Enemies. They all have almost 3,000 health and far too many power-pips for my liking. At this stage I was glad that I had (1) changed out of my gardening gear and (2) packed those converts. 

My strategy was to defeat them one by one. The biggest problem with Death is getting life back. I would have to hit each one hard and defeat them each with one hit. So I'm glad I had plenty of Feints packed too!

My strategy worked, but boy was I close to being defeated a number of times! At one stage I had 74 health left, but the very next round saw 3,662 replenished and all was good again. I was expecting a boss fight, but it never came. I saved the Prince and my quest here was done.

The post-card is complete, so I am guessing that my time in Zafaria will be drawing to a close soon. My next quest is Mirror Lake - and I will need help with that one. Have any of you solo'ed it at my level I wonder?

Well, that's all I have time for right now. Have fun, until next time!

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