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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bringing Back Old Memories! (and showing off a little)

Today, I decided to head back to the first dangerous area of Wizard101... The name brings shivers to the hearts of many... The place that must not be named, is... Unicorn Way! 

Because of the terrifying danger this place first struck into me, I decided to go all out with my deck setup.

What followed this was a series of what I would like to call, successful duels.

Those 90+ levels of experience gained from first experience must have made this terrifying place a little less so.

Showing the new, young wizards, my developed spells and smashing those lost souls. I made the decision that it wasn't as tough as first thought.

I did, however, come up with a good way to help those that would have been as terrified as me.

I SMASHED the life out of those dead lost souls and helped my fellow wizards!
The most useful spell from a pack!
Let's play 'Spot the Wizard on the Beach'
My secret Catalan
Good old Fossil, never let's you down

Hopefully I helped out a few fellow wizards and they were encouraged to keep playing after seeing my, (I think) amazing spells.

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