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Friday, 19 September 2014

Pack Analysis: The "Raven's Hoard" Pack

Pack Name:                    Raven's Hoards
Pack Type:                     Gear
Number of Cards:           7
Total Number of Items:  166
Cost:                              399 Crowns, on special from time to time and up to 50% off
Availability:                    Currently in Crowns Shop

Ahh, the Raven't Hoard pack.  Often thought of as an Ice themed pack.  As a low level Wizard this was undoubtedly my favourite pack. Interestingly, it was also the pack that set up my 'look'.  It was the one bit of gear that had exactly the right look for me, once I saw the Armor of Many level 91, I'm still stitching that one!

It was also the first time the previously rare bow wand was available and I carted it everywhere. After a while, it became more common and became a wall feature for me.

BTW - many of the items from this pack can be obtained as drops in Winterbane Hall. (the biggest issue here for me is more people running around with my armour on!! lol)

Pets - 12
Out of the pets on offer, I guess the Dark Crow is the pick if you are Death, or perhaps the Icebat if you are Ice.  If you are Storm, then Storm Bird would be drop for you.

Probably nothing really special here.

Mounts - 2 x Permanent, 0 x Temporary
The Raven mount is a great looking mount. Blaze got one with his first ever pack! Me? I have never gotten one :)  The only challenge with it (and all flying mounts) is that your view is a little obstructed.  It is a one person mount.

The Blood Raven looks amazing.  It is a 2-person mount and the tinge of red really does look great.

Snacks - 27
Some nice Level 8 snacks in this pack, 8 different types as well as a range of Level 7 and below. These are always handy, but I still prefer to farm for my snacks - more certainty that way.

Treasure Cards - 24
The original Treasure Cards have been beefed up with the Woolly Mammoth, but for me, I have always loved the Thunderbird, and being Fire, I will make this spell - love the look of it.  Other than that, most can be obtained in the Bazaar.

Seeds - 6
Ah, one of my favourite seeds is available in this pack.  The WTL or White Tiger Lily.  While it doesn't replenish itself, it is the seed with the greatest chance of dropping Amber.  There is also the beautiful Moon Flower seed, which I have a few on Second Spring.

Other than that, most of the seeds are pretty stock standard.

Reagents - 3
For the junior wizard, Diamonds can be handy, but you don't buy this pack for the reagents :)

Clothing - 9
When reviewing these packs, especially the older ones, the stats are kind of scattered in a different way to the newer gear.  This is where (for me) the Manual of Mastery is very handy as I can see how these combinations might come together with other gear (like crafted stuff).

There are basically 3 different 'sets', but not really in the way we think of sets nowadays.  The names are different, but you can see the intent of what they are trying to achieve, mostly by the complimentary design.

The first two sets are a little unclear, although one tends to lean towards attack, and the other leans towards defense.  The third one, however, is very interesting.  Where else can you get 50% Stun Block in gear at Level 70?  A combo of the Ravenking's Battle Story Armor, the Thought and Memory Helm and the Boots of Whispered Flight will give you exactly that.

For me, despite the unusual stats, the real thing for this Gear is the look - this pack is worth it for that reason alone!

Wands - 9
The wands range mostly carry Critical and Block, with a 65/65 and a 50/95 being the pick of the bunch.

Again, the look here is pretty impressive.
Housing Items - 74
Lots of housing.  Some of it is OK, but for me, I tend to 'select' the housing items that I want. There is a lot of it in this pack and it can be a fun lucky dip. You can expect to get a few of these with every purchase.

Morgrim's Verdict
This pack is a tricky one.  I really like the look of the gear, and if you are into Stun Block, it is quite an interesting option.

The mounts are good, and both are permanent.

The wands aren't bad and there is always the White Tiger Lily.  

The trouble is the fact it is fairly heavy weighting towards the Housing Items.

It is still a BUY recommendation from me.  It is still a great generic pack to purchase with a good chance of getting something worth your while.

Low Level Wizards
When I first got my Armor of Many Winters at Level 15, that Kraken card just swept away most of the bad guys.  The variety of the lucky dip was also useful when you are just starting out and you don't know a lot of about what is available and where from.

I would still say BUY for a Low Level Wizard.

High Level Wizard
My personal belief is that, unless there is something specific you are looking for, either in how the Gear looks or stats, then perhaps other packs are a better way to spend your hard earned Crowns.

Let me know if you agree with my Verdict!

See you 'round the Spiral.


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