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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mirror Lake Buddies

Hey Everyone!

As I mentioned in my last battle post, I am left with battles that need friends. The final one for Zafaria, means that Mirror Lake is one is want to finish so I can move on. Although I have really liked this world, and it has come to an end rather too quickly for my liking.

Back to Mirror Lake. I need friends, and probably four of us should do it.... hmmm who to ask?  Not that I had to think too hard about it.... I called on the help of my fellow blogging wizards, Morgrim, Alia and Blaze. It is a LONG time since we were all in a battle together so it made a nice change!

Actually, to be honest, being in a battle with 3 friends was a challenge... I had not been in a battle with 2 let alone 3 for ages. I kept putting my Death Blades on Morgrim. Completely useless to our resident Fire Wizard! 

Morgrim asked if I wanted to hit fast and hard, or take it a bit slower. I was happy to just blast through this time.... I know it will not be the last time I take this dungeon on. 

Morgrim, Blaze and Alia have set way of approaching battles.... Blaze provides the Blades, Alia keeps everyone's energy up, and Morgrim makes the damage hit. Choosing to go fast meant that I was a little redundant in this setup, but Curses, Feints and Dragon Blades were still of use.

After defeating Tse-Tse for the final time, we chat to Morganthe. In this dungeon Morganthe tries to tempt you over to the dark side. When you say no, she takes none too kindly to it, is full of threats as usual, then summons the Spectral Spirits in her usual show of power.

There is also a cheat in play using a 90% Tower Shield. Alia informed me that the Elephant Spirit will continue to place this annoying Shield while the other Spirits are alive. An all out assault was needed.

But there was another cheat in play too. After round 3 someone gets  marked with a STUN shield. You need a charm in place on the next round or it's time to suffer the consequences. My team were all over this cheat, so I didn't get to find out exactly what those consequences were - I'm quite happy with that outcome to be honest!

Morgrim got ready, had a stack full of Blades and played his hand - consistent hits except for Fire due to the Tower Shield. It took a second spell to defeat him, and thanks to Alia the spell was a stunner. That Elephant could not withstand the power of the enormous Gnome lol!!

Thanks to some bizarre words by Morganthe - "Ah'nahl Nathtak", "Uth Vas Bethad", "Do-Hiel Dienveh", a Tower has appeared and we are instructed to follow Morganthe.... back to the bottom of the Lake.

Next up are 4 Goliath Bruisers. They are all Ice I notice with some dismay. That was short lived though - Morgrim was here so Ice would not stand a chance! No cheats in this fight. We applied the same strategy, build up the Blades, Feints etc and let Morgrim take them out.

This battle leads to the Spiders. Two exchanges took place as we entered this area and saw our foe:
Tabitha - Yuck, Storm!
Alia - Yuck, Spiders!
They had an obscene amount of power pips at the start of the battle. This is more of a problem as I wonder through the Spiral, although I guess there is more gear for Power Pips out there.

These guys are Rank 11 bosses and have 6,470 Health each. Adopting the same strategy we settled in to give Morgrim the power behind his hit. Not getting them all in his hit, once again Alia comes to the rescue, with Morgrim providing the narrative!

I managed to catch a stunning shot of Alia as she cast the final spell in our dungeon. And what better way to finish? I love this spell, I think I have probably mentioned that before in an earlier post.

The dungeon didn't take long at all. I wonder how many of you have solo'ed it? I popped in there before asking my fellow bloggers just to see what the deal was. I had often seen Wizard's locations marked as Mirror Lake, and I know that it is one of the farming dungeons. I got as far as the 4 ice minions and pretty much quit at that point. I still have trepidation when faced with 4 ice enemies!!

Of course, Morganthe is not happy with the outcome of this dungeon. Risking 7 years bad luck she breaks Mirror Lake and it's all over.

We didn't get to battle her in this fight, though I am sure that day draws ever nearer. I know this is my final dungeon in this world. I am not sure if it is my favourite as I really liked Grizzleheim, although not the Ice parts so much (that blue hurt my eyes!).

The completion of Zafaria is a task I will take on myself, and then I will take the High Road to Avalon. I have 2 tapestries for Avalon, so have been over there a few times. Not sure how I will find questing there... but there is a spell I want badly over there!

Have fun, until next time!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on getting through Miirror Lake with your good buddies :)

    I was very lucky when I went thorugh, just recently, they were randoms from the team up but they were a good bunch of people. Friendly and competent and just farming for the snacks.

    Hope that you are having fun in Avalon and that you have the spell you had your eye on :D