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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lighting the Fifth Candle

Drum Roll!!! We are nearly there... the fifth candle has now been lit!!!

And the prize being revealed today is a Major Fishing Elixir. For a whole hour you get 50% more chance of getting those fish you are after! Which is a great gift as we all received an Aquarium as part of this give-away and, of course, there is that Birthday Fish waiting to be found if you haven't secured yours yet! Time is running out as the end of September is drawing close now!

The other Birthday news is that a new set of items in the Crown Shop are now half price:

  • Regular Keeper Aquariums Set
  • Evil Magma Peas
  • Mega Snack Pack
  • Gold-Wrought Eagle
  • Fennec Fox
  • Red Barn Farm

Now I know a few of you will rejoice because the Mega Snack Packs are half price, but I would say "Don't go rushing in to buy these packs!". The reason is one a few will probably know well if you keep up to date on our Blog.... the Evil Magma Pea. Now these great little plants are a steal when they are half price. 

They reward you in different ways, but always with a Mega Snack Pack at elder. They are easy to look after and their life-cycle is pretty short if you have all their likes in place (one of which is the Red Farm Barn, which is also half price at the moment!). During that short life-cycle, you will get a host of Pet Snacks, Treasure Cards and Reagents. These are all good too - things like Aether and Sunstone. 

For me the TCs are great because I get my supply of Feint and Poison cards. Although I have these in my deck too, the TCs are just a little better and you can never have too many Feint cards imo!

Then at Elder you get a Mega Pet Snack. 

So you can buy 2 EMPs for the same price as the Mega Pet Snack is at the moment. That means that every few days you will get 2 Mega Snacks (in addition to some seriously good reagents!). And these are the gift that keeps giving. You get a seed back every harvest so you can continue to reap the rewards forever. If you want more information on gardening, see Morgrim's 1st Gardening Book which covers everything you need to start this worthwhile activity (top left on the blog).

Would love to hear what you decide to buy, and I hope the Gift today helps you to snare that Birthday Fish!

Have fun, until next time,

1 comment:

  1. I could only afford to buy one evil magma pea but, thanks to you and the guys here, I know that that was the wisest decision to make.

    Thanks again for another great post.