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Monday, 15 September 2014

Blaze is Back!

Hey everyone!
  • Secret Dungeons...  Blaze is back!!
  • KI Ice Bucket Challenge -  Check out their You-Tube video!
  • Hoard & Lore Pack - Check out some of Morgrim's analysis to find the perfect one!
Birthday celebrations are still going strong. The Birthday present for the week was a Birthday Snack with a chance at the Birthday Snack Pack - so it was great to win the pack! How did you go? Wonder what the next gift will be?

It was nice to have Blaze back writing again, and he introduces some secret dungeons. The Ice-Bucket challenge is still going strong, and it was a good week to re-visit one of Morgrim's posts about Pack-a-Palooza as the Hoard and Lore packs are all 199 Crowns!

As always, to catch up on all the other stories shared by Wizards around the globe, click on the paper.

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

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