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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Winston in the Limelight!

Hey Everyone!

Well I finally got round to some pet training. Poor little Winston has been hanging around for a while now. He only ever gets trained when I feed him seeds and household items!

Much like Morgrim and Alia, my favourite Pet Training game is the dance game. It is very quick to play and relatively easy with a little concentration!

As you can see Winston is already more than half way to Epic. So I decided it was time to take him to Epic and see what talent he has been hiding all this time.

I have a lot of Mega snacks - all from gardening, mostly from EMPs and only have two gardens on the go right now so I also have plenty of energy to play with.

Time to get on with it. If you know your Mega snacks, then you'll know that some give you more XP than others. The best in my pack is the Fancy Yoghurt - worth 50 each time. Getting Winston to Epic isn't going to take long at all.

In fact it will take a mere 9 Mega Snacks.

As it gets near time to level, I use other snacks as I don't need the 50. Winston doesn't 'like' any of the snacks so he doesn't score extra XP from the snacks. Not that that matters with Mega snacks.

Anyway, here we are with one more game to go. This is also a good time to check out the stats here. Winston is pretty close to perfect with 4 of his stats at the maximum 250, and just Intellect letting him down with a 248.

Lets get this last game out of the way!

Well done Winston - EPIC at last!

Pain-Giver - 6% extra damage to all schools, which isn't too bad. I know I need to move away from the purely healing pets and this is a good start. Winston's full Talents to EPIC are:

Not looking too bad. Think I may need to find a hatching partner and see if I can get those stats to 250 all round.

Hey Morgrim - how many of your pets have the full 250 for all stats? And what other talents? Just a thought :)

That's all from me for now.

Have Fun, until next time,



  1. Hey Tabitha, I wondered how long it would take for Winston to get there - Pain Giver? That was King Pepper's final talent too. It is quite useful for smashing your way through a field of bad guys...

    As for perfect 250s...well, I have a few. Talents vary, I guess it depends what you are looking for? One thing I have noticed though - the perfect pets don't always make the best healers for some reason...Miss Callie (high 240s) will Fairy 2 or 3 times more often than King Pepper for example. I might look into that one day...

    Still - anytime you want a hatch, just let me know!


  2. Thanks Morgrim. That is interesting that the higher stats Pets may not be the best healers. Have you noticed the same for all May Cast talents?

    I'll keep checking out some of the talents and let you know.

  3. Congrats on reaching epic with Winston.

    And agree, interesting about the healing and the stats. I wonder if that is what makes mine vary? My vague theory had been a pondering that certain school pets heal more against certain school spells. It could be my imagination though as I have never kept any records.

    Tabitha, I have some max stats pets too, if you are ever interested. I know the talent sets (including unmanifested) on them too as they are part of the Max Stats Clean Pool Project (Wizard101 Central). If you are ever over on Central, then they are in my album, if you wanted a shoofty. (I'm known as Scarlet Sometimes on there.)

    Edit: the offer is open to you too, Morgrim.

  4. Lol - thanks for the afterthought Scarlet :)


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You know Scarlet, there aren't many people that use the word 'shoofty' - and I have no idea if that is a correct spelling, just going with your flow. But it makes me wonder if you are close to my 1st country of residence, and if it is I would love to know which part.

    I am also starting to believe that Morgrim has a point I have kept Winston by my side the last few times I have quested and he has been no real help! Barely a fairy let alone anything else.

    In saying that know, I will make sure I check out your W101central stuff, as I am keen to get something sorted out, and more knowledge.

    Will be in touch :)

  7. Sorry Morgrim did not mean to make you feel like just an afterthought!

    Tabitha, it may be spelled 'shufty' :) and I'm from Cornwall, in the UK.

    1. Ahhh, that makes sense Scarlet. I'm originally from Poole in Dorset - so know the saying well :)

    2. LOL :) I guessed that, but I couldn't resist making the comment.