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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Have you found the Knobkerrie?

Hey everyone,

As much as my week was huge IRL, the week was also huge in the Spiral with the update machine going into over-drive. Consequently, the Spiral is suddenly filled with anglers, and the water everywhere now has dark shadows moving around! The crafting updates are live now too - and I can't wait to get into those either!

Over in Zafaria, I was in the market, when I suddenly remembered there was a new Housing Vendor. And that was when I decided the next blog would take me back to Housing, and back to the Barn. I had not finished it. It bothers me not finishing things.

This new vendor has lots on offer, and I decided I would start with the main bedroom at the Barn.

I was a little excited because there is new Wallpaper, and there is new Flooring! This is fantastic! Even better, more shields and tribal decorations. New drums, even a new rug. And something else I haven't seen before, a vanity. Just right for my bedroom.

Lets take a look at some of my purchases. First up the drums. I collect all drums that I see, so it was no drama that this would be first on my shopping list. There are two on offer that I didn't have in my collection; so obviously I bought both. The smaller one is the "Blue Top Drum" and will set you back a mere 400 gold. The other one is the "Talking Drum" and costs double at 800 gold.

Next up are an array of racks. These are all new additions to my collection too. The "Knobkerrie", the "Zebra  Shield" and the "Gorilla Shield" racks. These range in price between 450 and 800 Gold.

The Savannah  vanity just had to be bought. It is one of the things that I think has been missing from the furniture you are able to buy, so I am glad to see it's arrival. It will probably be usable in an array of houses as it is not too tribal in design too. Previously I have used a Celestial Shield as a mirror in a bedroom (in my Myth house), but that look was rather different to here.

You may have noticed that the wallpaper is rather different too. There is much to choose from (3 pages no less!), and my Barn will showcase a few of them before I'm done. I loved the colours in this one.

You can see it much better in this image, along with the new 4-post bed. How awesome is this? Flames and tribal art, it really is a centre piece to the room.

I'm going to have fun finishing the Barn. After I completed much of downstairs, I literally ran out of ideas. And that was really because I had already chosen most of the items available and had placed them. Now I have a whole new set of items to find and use.

Oh and one last thing, I popped over to the Bazaar to sell a few Pet Snacks, and was excited by what I saw (and bought!). I'll say no more right now :)

Have fun, until next time.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished rooms!

    I agree it is wonderful to have some new wallpapers.

    And oh, you tease! Just what was it you got in the Bazaar?

  2. Ahh, now that would be telling Scarlet lol! I don't know whether you ever have the issue of the images in the Bazaar not loading properly.... I do sometimes. So when something new popped up, and there was one, and it was expensive (9K) - well I hit buy. I had absolutely no clue what it was. And now I have no idea what I'm going to do with it!!!
    I will reveal it soon (well as soon as I figure how best to use it). But I managed to score a couple of Aztecan Cactus plants. I had never seen them, and they haven't appeared since. At this stage no idea what I'm going to do with them either but they look pretty cool :)