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Friday, 11 July 2014

The Bountiful Bazaar

Hey Everyone,

Just come from the Bazaar, and this one was a particularly bountiful and expensive trip. I haven't done much
leveling up and I knew looking at the gear wouldn't yield much..... so I skipped straight to the Treasure Cards. Then straight to the Astral cards, my first purchase was 30 Virulence. 30 of them! I have only ever seen 1 or 2 before. That made me wonder if there was many Gargantuan cards around, Sometimes there might be 14 or so of them, but never more than that. OMG! There were over 100! So I bought 50 of them at 200 each. Bargain :)

Hmmm ...... this was good, I wondered if there were a bounty of reagents to be had too. And the answer was a resounding yes!

One thing you need to know (if you didn't already!) is that I buy things at the Bazaar that I don't need. If I see them, and they are few in number and expensive then I'm clicking BUY!

Morgrim once wrote about his quest for Turquoise... they do not show up often. But tonight... well I bought 22 of them. They were mainly in batches of 4, but they totaled 22, and now I have 84 of them.
And then there are those reagents that appear - you have no idea what they will ever be used for, but hey! they are few in number and cost a lot - therefore? Well therefore they should be bought!!

Agave Leaves and Agave Nectar  are two of those. I have absolutely no recipe that needs them, but they do not show themselves too often. So when they are there..... and I have the gold....... I buy them!

And when a new world appears, then new things show up in the Bazaar.... Take, for instance - Comet Tails or Astral Shards - sound cool, no idea what they are needed for - but you know what? I buy buy buy !!

Consequently my Gold reserves are falling short again right now. But I know that the purchases made tonight will serve me well later in the game, Gold can ALWAYS be re-stocked!

Until Next Time,


  1. WOW! I have been stalking the Bazaar for a very long time (as Tabitha knows!), but I have never, ever seen a harvest like this.

    It does make me wonder though - do KI 'seed' the Spiral from time to time by dumping certain quantities of hard to get stuff into the Bazaar so they can find those things spreading throughout the Spiral?


  2. Interesting idea Morgrim. Many of us have seen oddities at the Bazaar from time to time. Like the day that Fancy Yogurt went on sale and were re-seeding 100 at a time. Happened for an hour, then back to normal. That day cost me a heap of gold, but luckily now the snacks all come from the garden :)

    Would be good to hear some of the other Bazaar stories out there!

  3. Wow, can see that I should probably spend much more time in the Bazaar. I hadn't realised (or had forgotten) that you were one of the lucky ones to benefit from the Fancy Yoghurt on sale. I think that you and the Bazaar have a very special relationship ;)

  4. You know, I can thank Twitter for being lucky when Fancy Yogurt went on sale. But you know I do seem to fare well at this particular place in the Spiral. I thin there are 2 scenarios, either a) I am lucky and reap benefit or b) i spend a LARGE, or VERY large amount of time lurking there!

  5. The chap I met last night, the one who showed me his stacked peas and cacti, he is a kindred spirit of yours. He also likes to frequent the Bazaar and collect treasures. I thought of you and your Snow Globes when he told me that just after Christmas was an ideal time to spend most of your time in there, lol.

  6. That Snow Globe challenge was tough. I still find myself wondering when they will appear again, was thinking that maximum both inside and outside my WinterWind castle would be pretty awesome. I have been spending a fair bit of time working on a little something over there that I will be revealing soon too.