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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why Wouldn't You?

Hey Everyone,

Popped onto the Spiral to do some gardening this morning, and noticed that it's "Mega Snack Monday". That got me to thinking about how much my Mega Snacks would be worth in crowns, and I just had to work it out!

Now all my Mega Snacks are a result of gardening Evil Magma Peas. We have lots of posts on the Keep about these wonderful plants, but they have resulted in 248 Mega Snacks in my backpack. So lets do the sums:

248 Mega Snacks - all rank 9. (I am not including any rank 8 snacks in my calculations)

At 7 snacks per pack, you would need to buy 36 packs. Remember this is rank 9, when you buy the packs you get rank 8 and 9!

They normally cost 2,500 Crowns, so that would cost you 90,000 crowns, but currently they are 40% off, so that reduces to a mere 54,000 crowns. Now the best deal on Crowns is the Crown Sale that gives you 50% extra, if you spend $80. So the best possible price for the Pet Snack sale is $80 hard cash, with some Crowns left over.

Morgrim LightstriderI was chatting to Morgrim about this, and he has 475 rank 9 snacks. Wow - that's a lot, and yes they are all from gardening. Let's do the sums again.

475 Mega Snacks - all rank 9, at 7 snacks per pack you would need 68 packs! At normal price this would set you back 170,000 crowns, and even while the sale is on this is still 102,000 crowns. As you can see, $80 cash will not be enough to buy this amount - and this is the sale price. Imagine how much it would be at full price!

So my question to you all is - If you are not gardening then why not?

Have fun, until next time,


  1. You know what Tabitha? Leveling up a pet takes no time at all, my only limit is Energy, but with Grub Guardian in play, Energy isn't even a problem. From Baby to Epic in a day :)


  2. Baby to Epic in a day - that's pretty impressive Morgrim!


  3. I agree, very impressive Morgrim!

    I have just started my first stacked garden but is taking me ages to farm for Coach Potatoes. I have such a long way to go to near the gardening achievements of you two :)

  4. Oooh exciting Scarlet! I was very excited when I knew I had enough energy to go for my first stacked garden.
    Now I guess I just take it for granted.
    I have all the plots laid, but actually only use 13 spots right now. I plant 4 in a square, 4 top layer, 4 second layer, 4 third layer and one on the the bottom. That way I only ever need to use my medium spells to service them. 13 EMP - just a continual plant>garden>harvest cycle. each Elder harvest sees another 13 Mega Snacks, and that works well for me right now :)

  5. The medium plot stacked garden of EMPs that you have sounds very good. Someone showed me theirs (topped up with Prickly Bear Cacti) last night. Liked the look of it very much but his was bigger, think I like the thought that you are only using medium spells even more.

    I shall have to experiment!