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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Gift Card - Gauntlet Analysis - The Spiral Cup Gauntlet!

Wow, a new day and another Gauntlet.  It seems crazy but I was wondering when the next one would be released, if at all.

Gauntlets have always been a different kind of approach for KI, and when the Pagoda first came out everyone was racing out to get one.  Once the second one came out, it was game on - everyone in the Commons was asking the same question "Bane?" meaning - "Have you got the Winterbane Hall gauntlet and can I play it?" (I can understand how the abbreviation to "Bane" came about!!).

It was an awesome dungeon as Raven's Hoard goodies were being dropped - and then, of course, there was my favourite drop, the Coldfire Dragon!

Strangely, KI then brought out Castle Tours, and a very astute Swordroll asked the obvious question - if you can simply visit a castle and play a Gauntlet, will anyone buy them anymore?

It seems that KI had the same thought.  As a result, the new Spiral Cup Gauntlet has a handy trick that seems to have gotten around this little challenge.  If you want to use this Dungeon - the "Pigswick Fountain Dungeon" you actually have to be friends with the real owner!  No more Housing Tour shortcuts (unless you know the owner of the house that is...) - it looks like KI have solved that problem nicely.

So, is this Dungeon worth playing?

Well, yes, kind of.

The fights themselves are kind of fun.  These are a little tricky with a couple of cheats - in fact, Dualist101 has outlined these nicely HERE - this data is for Level 100, but the cheats are the key part.  For me, that does present a challenge worth the fight...but other than the fighting, what is there?

From a Reagents perspective, I always like Turquoise and that is a good drop, as is Fish Fins.

From a Seeds perspective, the best you can hope for is the DHE - Deadly Helephant Ears.  These are a commonly sought after seed as they drop Rank 8 Mega-Snacks giving between 25 and 30 points to various Pet Talents.  Always a good thing.

There are a bunch of Treasure Cards, and I'll leave it up to you as to your thoughts on these.

Then there is the Gear - something everyone is always keen to see.  Hmm...brace yourself.  The gear has no stats and an ...unusual... look to it.  I'm sure a lot of people will find this appealing, but I cannot see myself wearing them.  Oh, there is also the Greenwarden's Brilliant Boots, but that is the only item of note if you are keen on stats.

Finally, the Pets.  These are pretty cool.  The pick of the bunch, the Rude Goblin Pet, doesn't have the best stats, but has a great card.  For 5 pips you get a 450-530 Myth hit, but then he will also summon one of two minions!  Normal rules of minion use applies and if you have one on the field, it will be replaced.

OK, that is kind of it for the Dungeon, but what about the rest of the Gauntlet Gift Card?  As usual, you get some items with your $39 Card, and one of these is a real keeper.  The Tanglewood Vine mount.

This mount looks great.  It rolls and tears up the ground as you ride it.  The best thing is, if someone is riding one on a floor above you (say in a 2-storey house), you can see the vine moving through the ceiling!  It looks fantastic in the water, and is possibly the best part of the Card.

Then there is the Pegasus Pony.  I can see a number of people just loving the look of this one.  While its base stats aren't great, with Critical Block, Stun Resistance and MC Conviction, it certainly has some handy talents.

The Gear that you get with the card is OK, and there is a definite emphasis on Power Pip % and absolutely no Health at all!  This is certainly different, but I don't mind it.  In general, Wizard health has just kept going up, and I'm not so sure that it needs to.

The wand is different, and in a good way.  We finally have a wand that is a book...of sorts.  The way you carry and use it are a little different, but I think this is a good option for people to have.

So, the verdict.  Well, for me, it is line ball...would I spend the $39?  The 5,000 Crowns are always great, and the Gauntlet is pretty good, but I am not sure the Tanglewood Vine mount is worth buying the pack for, and that is the only thing I'd be after.  The Rude Goblin would be great, but I know I can probably hatch with someone to get it.

Then again, it is mid-year and perhaps this is one of those things that you can spoil yourself with.

...and that Vine mount does look amazing...

What do you think?  Am I being a little harsh?  Why would you buy the Spiral Cup Gauntlet?

See you 'round the Spiral (and if I'm on a Vine mount, I must have reconsidered and it was worth it after all :))



  1. That was a brilliant review! Most informative that I have read yet.

    I can't buy the bundle over here so, fortunately, do not have to decide whether or not I want one.

    I've seen the vine in action and yes it looks very different. Would like to see the book 'wand' in action too: will have to keep an eye out for that.

  2. Thanks Scarlet. It is always a bit of a gamble when you put a post together. You hope the reader will read it in the same way that you wrote it, and I do appreciate your kind words!

    Where is "over here" for you? As you probably know, we are in Australia...our only option is to get one of our friends in the US to send us one over, so it is kind of an extreme option (I did this with Winterbane actually...)

    The Wand looks a little like a prop, so it is a start, but not ideal. I'd love to have an open book when you are casting, a little like Loremaster, and something you can tuck under your arm when you are running :) I think that would look great!


  3. You're welcome. Meant every word, thought it a great review.

    Over here is up here rather than down under ;) I'm in the UK. It kind of makes sense, if you have a good friend in the US, to get one (or the code) sent over. I did have a look online but didn't really feel confident about the eBay sellers and the other places that sold the cards do not seem to have them in their online stores.

    That's my only real whinge, I think. If you live in the US, you can go into a store and buy cards. The general just Crowns cards even come with pets. Whereas, although we can from KingsIsle, we get no pets and it takes a while, a long while for the bundles/gauntlets to appear on their site, if ever. Those stores have to be making a profit on the cards too - if KingsIsle were to sell all online on their site then they would be making all of the profit for themselves. I really don't understand why they don't. Sorry whinge over.

    I finally saw the Wand last night. Not in action but just being held. It did not appear to be as brilliant as the one that you dream of. It was just held up in front of him. So really see what you mean when you describe it as 'not ideal'.

  4. Yes, I know what you mean. I checked out eBay for Winterbane actually :) Like you, I decided against it. It is a pity that they don't have it online. I know there is a marketing reach aspect as well, but why not do both? Perhaps the shops wouldn't both stocking it if it was online? I dunno, but I feel a little ripped off! It is like the fact that we cannot download Grub Guardian for Android because we are not in the US? I wonder what that has to do with it?

    Yes, it is more like a trophy than a tome. Hopefully that will change with time?