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Friday, 25 July 2014

Hooray for the Happy Holidaisy

Hey everyone,

Back in May, Wizard101 was celebrating the onset of Spring and seeds went on sale in the Crown Shop. One of those seeds was the Happy Holidaisy. At the time I mentioned that a small purchase back then would reap rewards in time for Christmas in July.

So skip forward a couple of months and that curious time of the year has arrived. Christmas in July - made for us over here in the depths of Winter (day temps still 20 degrees though!) when the evenings are cool and fires are burning. Perfect setting to celebrate a more traditional style of Christmas.

So I bought 2 seeds. And I have been tending to them, nurturing them and watching them grow in number bit by bit. I also planted a couple of Snow Apple Trees in pots, and started to create a more festive surrounding for my emerging field of Happy Holidasies.

Of course, Snow Globes have come out to play, and my Christmas Trees and other festive regalia have been relocated to this hidden patch in my Winter Castle.

Now the rewards for this particular plant are not great. A little gold, chance of another seed and some low level pet snacks. Every now and then though, you also get the added bonus of a pet at elder! Now I got 4 of these pets, they are all the same - the Christmas Elf. They all have a new home in my Christmas paradise :)

One of the other things I was wondering, is what state to have the plants in for the reveal on the big day. I wanted all the plants to be the same through their life-cycle, so I waited patiently for them all to go to elder. It was quickly apparent though, that this is not a good look for the Holidaisy. They need to be shown in red and white to look their best.

 While I waited I continued to move things around to set the rest of the scene. I also planted a couple of these festive plants at the end the bridge you cross have to cross to reach my new garden. These have now gone to elder and they will stay that way. When separate they look pretty cool at elder, like they have been frozen in time. But when you have a field of them, it is such a bright white that it is almost blinding! So with everything at elder, it is time to harvest and re-plant.

The next trick will be to have the plants at the right stage by the 25th. I fear I have planted them too early, so I have removed the couple of likes I had in place; the medium fir tree, and the ever useful tropical garden gnome.

As you can see here, I have quite a number of Happy Holidaisy plants now. All these from those 2 little seeds I bought on sale. If you look closely you should see a couple of those cheeky Christmas Elves dancing around in the snow too :)

As with most challenges I set myself in the Spiral, it has taken a little dedication, and a lot of patience. As in the real world, good things often come to those that wait, so a few more days of looking after my garden will be worth it.

And again it is time to skip forward a few days.......

And time to say "Happy Christmas in July!"  The garden came together well, and I have another 8 Happy Holidaises in my backpack already.

A small purchase of 2 seeds that were on sale, has turned into this little festive paradise!

I'm curious. Did anyone else make a purchase? Do you have your own Christmas paradise to show? Would love to hear from you. As for this little garden. I think I will let it go to elder and then leave it as a frozen garden. What do you think?

Have fun, until next time,


  1. Wonderful post. Well written and beautiful screenshots. I can really tell you are a dedicated player. Congrats on your harvest of Yule. :D Merry Christmas.
    Chrissy The Blesser

  2. Thanks Chrissy. The beauty of Wizard101 is the diversity of what you can get out of, and I love setting little challenges for myself. I've enjoyed this one, and so glad you did too.
    I might post some pics when it all goes to elder so you guys can judge the choice of red/white against the silver/white at elder. I must warn you tho', you'll need sunglasses as it's very bright!
    And Happy Xmas in July to you :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Morgrim :) This was a fun one, for sure!

  4. Loving how colourful it all is! That last picture is festively fine indeed. Congratulations and what a wonderful project.

    (All I bought back then were a few EMPs - had no thoughts of such a merry project.)

  5. Thanks Scarlet! You know, I wrote the post about making those purchases and hadn't intended to actually do the project myself. But I guess a mix of having a challenge and showing what can be achieved got the better of me!!
    And buying EMPs was a very good call. They are one useful seed!