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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wizard101 Treasure Cards you've never heard of (...maybe!)

(OK, I concede you may well have heard of these, but hey, they are pretty rare!)

Recently, Tabitha has mentioned her Bazaar stalking and her timing that allowed her to pick up a number of higher level Astral spells.  For those Wizards in Azteca, this isn't really something unusual (assuming you have the available Training Points!), but for those who are not there yet, this is a way to access to these higher value spells.

Well, as any long-term readers would know, I also frequent the Bazaar.  Today, it was a good day for it, and as you can see there are a number of these higher level Astral spells available.  Furnace is clearly my weapon of choice, but I don't need the tc seeing as my level is high enough and the fact I spent one of my training points on it .

When you remember that there are only 7 Wizard schools, and that Balance gets two of these spells, to have 6 spells out of the 8 spells possible appear in the Bazaar at the same time makes it what it would be a great day for people that use these tcs.

However, I don't believe these are not the unknown tc you may be looking for!

For me, the best Treasure Cards to get, (and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for more) are those that can surprise your opponent, and these two cards do exactly that.

Of course, I am talking about the elusive "Simplify" and its big brother "Elucidate".

These two cards have a very specific purpose - to reduce the pip cost of a spell.  Simplify takes one pip off the cost of a Spells, and Elucidate takes off 2 pips.  That means that a big scary Efreet (worth 8-pips) can win a fight when you only have 6 pips! (normal Efreet = 8 pips, Efreet with Elucidate = 6 pips)

This is a hugely powerful part of the game, especially PvP.  This is where you can hope your opponent is watching your pips and trying to guess your cards.  All of a sudden you are playing a game with someone who throws up a buff after seeing you still have one more round to to really hurt them.

So yes, I will confess, I am often stalking for these two cards.  It is interesting, but I hadn't seen them in the Bazaar for such a long time, I was wondering if they still existed as an Auctionable item!   Still, I thought it would be worth trying again...and...SUCCESS!  I couldn't believe it, but there were some on my second refresh...and on my 5th.  It was great!

When you can pick up both of them on the same day, and a few of each at is a good day!

Oh, and before I sign off - the most interesting part of all of this was that there was another Wizard stalking for these cards too - but for a very different reason!  I did capture the conversation, but I don't think I'll post it.  Let's just say, he was after 700!  The reason for his passion was driven by Crowns!  It seems he has a benefactor that would pay 60K in Crowns as a reward for his efforts.

From experience, I know this will take some time.  I have about 30 of each card, and a number of 6-pip Efreets and 6 pip Fire Dragons in my side deck - but 700?!?  I wished him luck on his mission (but I'm sorry to say, I was too selfish to share any lol).

So, do you use these rare cards?  They can really change the course of a fight...let me know if you have any tactics you want to share :)

See you 'round the Spiral!


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