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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Warhammerhead Shark - Scored One Yet?

Continuing this somewhat busy time of the year, it's Shark Week in the Spiral.

Of course, the guys at Wizard101 have planned some fun things to do!! There is a rare fish to be on the lookout for, and of course it is a shark.... the Warhammerhead no less.

So far this rare catch has been found on Triton Avenue, and you might want to know that they are Storm School.


And there is yet another free item for you to claim, so what are you waiting for? 
Your free mystery gift could be a Swift Shark Permanent mount!!  This free gift only runs until 27th August so get yours today! I didn't score so well with my gift - did you do better?

There is a new Shark Trivia page to earn you crowns, over on the Trivia pages, and heaps of interesting Shark facts on the Discovery Kids Shark Week website.

Hope you have fun, until next time,


  1. Hey Tabitha, thanks for the hot tip. I tracked across to Triton Ave and landed my own Warhammerhead Shark. What a great looking fish!

    As for the Gift, I got the same as you...but still...I figure when you get something for nothing, you just say "Thanks" :)


  2. Well done on your catch Morgrim! I haven't tried yet..... I will be though! And you are right - something for free, should come with a thanks, no matter what it is.
    Have a great day!