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Thursday, 28 August 2014

And the Second Spring comes again...

As many of you would know, once I got past my 'block', I have always enjoyed gardening - so much so I wrote two books on it!! LOL! (shameless plug time - You can download them by clicking on the links on the right!)

When the spell "Second Spring" first came out, I was around there in a flash to learn it.  It is pretty expensive to buy (unless you know our mate Halfang), and it is pretty expensive in Energy to cast, but its affects last forever...

Have a look at my latest two masterpieces.  Only simple, but tasteful (I think).  It is the beautiful Moon Flower.  This is a classic application for Second Spring.  The plant looks great in it natural colour, but once it hits Elder, it just loses some of that beauty.

The same can be said for the Clockwork Flower.   They are kind of similar, but still very different.  Here is one I have had floating around for some time now.

As you can see, it really is 'floating' around.

I guess, for me, that is the real power of Second Spring.  When you find a plant that you do like the look of, you can build it into the design of your entire house.  Once it has reached Elder and no longer needs your help to stay alive, a little Energy and it is sealed, preserved forever in all of its glory - and your design stays consistent.

Here are a couple of my other plants, frozen in time forever, just adding their natural beauty to the house that they live in.  Yes, they are similar, but I just wanted some Boom Shrooms around the place to liven it up a bit!

BTW - Don't get me wrong, there are times when the Elder version of the plant is really the one to keep.  Look at these beautiful, but deadly, women, guarding the entrance to another house.

In fact, there is only one thing wrong with Second Spring.  Your plant is still 'officially' Elder.  This means, that one wrong click of a button can end your plant's life and you are forced to start again.

This little guy greets me (then turns his back) every time I go HOME.  The only trouble is, if I want to use the World Gate, I have to take a step backwards away from him, or when I hit 'X', instead of spinning me around and opening the door, instead, my rude (and slightly sickly-looking) plant gets snuffed out and he vanishes.

Then I have to start again to grow a new one... :(

So, Second Spring is a great spell, one of my favourites.  Just use with care and be careful once done...

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. Nice post Morgrim!! I couldn't help but notice your gardening level there though... :)

  2. Of course :) Actually, in truth, I have so many megas right now, I had forgotten all about my level! Nice pick up lol!

  3. I hear you there, I'm probably up to more than 200 myself now. Continuing with my 13 EMPs though as I get all my Poison and Feint TCs from them. The Megas are a side bonus for me right now!!

    1. Just thought I would do a count - 334 megas :)

  4. Add a couple of hundred more and you'll be getting close :D