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Saturday, 16 August 2014

School Battle Strategy

I've been thinking a bit about how I approach battle quests recently. Certain schools definitely cause certain decisions.

For instance, my first thought when fighting Storm is to get the Storm shields into my deck. Then make sure my Myth cards are in and my Amulet is on. I actually trained in the Storm shield - it is the only school I did that for.

Fighting Death is just about having those Prisms in the deck, along with a few Humungofrog cards just in case those Prisms don't appear quickly.The other problem with Death enemies is that they replenish their health constantly, which I love for me - but not my enemies! For this reason I now include Feints in the side deck. I prefer the TCs because the hit on me is 20%  instead of 30%. I put everything in place to defeat them in one hit. There is nothing worse than getting a good hit in, waiting on the pips only to find that they have taken the opportunity to replenish their health!

When I see an Ice fight I always get a little nervous. Prolific use of Tower shields has defeated me many a time. Strategy wise I always load up on Tower shields and Poison. The hope is that a powered up Poison will take care of those Tower shields while I get ready for a big hit.

Balance and Fire I really don't have any strategy in place yet. Neither of them cause a big problem in the way they use spells in a battle - so far anyway! So I just have a standard deck. If the Fire fight is a boss fight then I usually add some Volcanic shields, but that is about it.

Then there is Myth. I really do not like fighting Myth. They have 2 spells that irk me - Earthquake and Myth Imp. Strategy for Earthquake is not to use blades, but use Feints to get extra damage. If the Earthquake spell is cast at the right time, then then 20% or 30% self hit disappears, which is fantastic! Unfortunately there is little I can do about the Myth Imp. Dispel Death - a terrible thing for a Death wizard! I make sure I have a Death wand on, so I can use the zero pip hits if that nasty little Imp has me cornered. It also dispels Life, but I rarely use Life spells, it affects Patch or Winston sometimes though.

How about you guys? How do you approach the different Schools? Would love to hear from you.

Have fun, until next time,


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