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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Major Minion - Malduit

Hey everyone!

Leveling up to 75 sent me over to the Storm school, and as I ported over I wondered what was in store for me. New spells usually occur on the '8' levels, so I wasn't expecting anything at 75. It was a nice surprise to see that I was in for a new minion. I must admit that I simply don't use them, but a higher level one? Will be good to check out their usefulness.

 First I was sent over to Crab Alley, where my first encounter had health of 220, seems a long time ago when the street fights were like that. The street fights in Zafaria can be over 3,000 and I'm guessing that number just gets higher as I level up.

Crab Alley sent me to the Professor in Marlebone. As a big Dr Who fan I had to take a pic of the Spiral's take on the Doctor and the Tardis. Interestingly that Doctor is my original favourite :)

FrostCaller picked up on the fact that the Red Tardis has moved. Since the fishing update, the Red Tardis is no longer on the grass, it has moved to the cobblestone road! Will keep an eye on this turn of events for sure!

The Doctor, oops Professor, sends me off on the quest "Bad Schooling" over in Zafaria. I took a snip of the quest itself, because I was amazed at how much XP was on offer. In fact all up this quest gives around 100,000 XP - bonus!

The battles throughout this quest were fairly standard. The health levels were all reasonable and there were no cheats. It took a bit of time from start to finish, and it wasn't all battles - you had to collect some items too.

And before I knew it I was back off to the Doctor, sorry the Professor and he was handing me my new minion - MALDUIT. Rank 7, she looks like she means business and I will definitely be taking her for a spin to gauge her usefulness to me for future battles.

And of course, my encounter with the Professor leaves me with a Jellybean snack - love the attention to details. Tom Baker always had that bag of jellybeans on him :)

I'll let you know how I go with the minion!

Oh and Morgrim reminded me that our very own Blaze had posted his story around this quest, back in September of last year. You can have a read of his adventure here.

Have fun, until next time!

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