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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Crafting Deer Knight - Part 1

Hey Everyone,

I've been seeing the stork pop up quite a bit recently. Keeps telling me that I wasn't able to pick up a reagent because I have to many already. The reagent in question is Mist Wood. There is an abundance of it in Avalon, and I am now fully stocked.

This in itself is not an issue, the real problem starts when the Yuletide Pack is released and I can't buy any because my reagents are full! Luckily for me though, I was about to stumble on a new crafting quest that would fix these problems and give me a challenge to boot :)

Over at Avalon I have been mentioning a spell that I really want. I have been holding onto 250,000 gold for a while as I knew this was the cost. And then I found Grady, after I defeated the Indigo Giant. And Grady is quite a find - he sells craftable spells. Not TCs - actual spells. And so my 250,000 gold was seriously depleted as you can see left....

Deer Knight - 60,000 Gold thank you very much!

There is also Lord of the Night, and if I hadn't been hanging out for the other spell I would have purchased it too, but the Lord can wait. Deer Knight will be more than enough for now.

As you all probably know by now, I am a collector of many things. I try to keep my reagent levels up for most items should the need arise. And the need has indeed arisen here! As you can clearly see, I have the bottom row sorted included the ever elusive Amber. I know a lot of Wizards struggle getting Amber. Me? I have Morgrim to thank. His posts and eBooks on gardening have taught me a great deal, and in this case - gardening to get reagents. Nevertheless, the top row is lacking. Let's start with Blood Moss. I have 18 - I need 100. Hmmmm.

Time to go back to the Barn and my crafting tables to see what I have in the way of Transmute Cards that can increase this rather pitiful number. OK - so Red Mandrake will do for a few more, but nowhere near enough!

I use all of them and then start running through the rest of my Transmute Cards to see if I have anything else useful.

Good news! I have another card that Transmutes Mist Wood and Deep Mushrooms into Red Mandrake.

Now this is a double good find, as using Mist Wood will allow me to stop seeing the Stork for a while, and that means I can buy some Seasonal packs if I so wish.

I would always say to pick up any reagent you see as you wander around the Spiral. You can clearly see I have lots of these, which means lots of Red Mandrake will be the outcome. Let's see how many I can get and how that relates to the the Blood Moss numbers......

Well that's not bad going really. I have spent no further gold to go from 18 to 60 with reagents I have in my back-pack. I still have a way to go, especially the remainder of the Blood Moss and the Deer Knight TCs too. But my journey to gain Deer Knight has started well.

Now I need to pop over the Halfang to get my gold stores back up to 250,000 - I just know that spell is around the corner!

I'll let you know how I go on both counts!

Have fun, until next time,


  1. I've spent a little more time in Mirror Lake recently and some of that time was spent, using Team Up, with a high level Death wizard who liked to use Deer Knight a lot.

    What an incredibly useful spell! Congratulations on your purchase. I wish you better luck that I have with getting the Treasure Cards needed.... which reminds me, must get back to farming for Savage Paw :)

  2. I was just reading back down through and spotted this post again. Hope things are okay with you and that life is going well.

    I wondered if you had crafted your deer knight yet? I've started my death on the crafting necessary to be able to buy the spell as I am so tired of farming the Loremaster. My death is currently working on the drums and is agonising over the need for fossils.

    Stupidly I crafted several mannikins around Christmas time. Ah well.

    Hope that we hear from you soon.

  3. Hi Scarlet. Alas my progress is stalled!! Everything was easy and done in double quick time, but those Deer Knight Treasure cards are proving so elusive! I have one so far :( I thought this was going to be fairly easy with all the reagents I had in place when I bought the recipe too!!

    You know the crafting of the drums was one of my favourites, probably because I was collecting drums at the time. But I guess it also helps that I generally have most of what I need in place first. Good luck finding the fossils!


  4. Glad that you are okay and know exactly what you mean about elusive treasure cards. The Loremaster seems to hold onto those the same way that she does her spells.

    Still 8 fossils short on my drums :D

    Good luck with the finding of your Deer Knight treasure cards. Hopefully a few more will turn up in the Bazaar - I found one there the other day, first time I've ever seen one for sale.

    1. So I'm guessing you find the tcs at lore? And that's it? Or is there an easier method

  5. There are a few places you can get a drop. All of these bosses drop the DK TC.

    - Bunferatu
    - Krokopatra (Rank 14)
    - Loremaster
    - Malgrin the Scourge
    - Matkis Axethief
    - Morag Bloodtine
    - Mord Roughshod
    - Moros Blunt
    - Quinn Legendbreaker
    - Sir Blackwater
    - Spirit of Darkmoor
    - Young Morganthe

    BTW - You can also get it in the Knights Lore Pack...but this one you have to pay money to get lucky!

    Good luck.