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Friday, 26 December 2014

Blaze's Tips & Tricks No. 7 Process of Elimination

Have you ever been out fishing and trying to catch a certain fish? If so then I presume you have used (once or twice) the 'Reveal Fish School' Spell. Although this is a very useful spell, sometimes, (when having to continuously catch multiple fish of the same school) it is hard to remember which fish is which!

A way to fix this little problem is by eliminating the fish of schools that you don't want! 

Let's say I was after a life fish from this pond in Grizzleheim...

After casting the 'Reveal Fish School' spell, you can see that there are many fish not of the life school.

After a quick run through, eliminating all the non life fish, the pond looked a bit like this...

A few bites later...

And a Lifeacuda is mine!

Hopefully this trick helped you out on your fishing adventure and make sure to put it to good use!

Until Next Time!

- Blaze

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