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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Been waiting 5 months for this Spell!!!

Hey Everyone,

The time has finally come for me to get my spell. I had to pop over to Halfang for a bit of farming to sell gear at the Bazaar to replenish my Gold, and then I was all set.
The is a little quest and will see you off collecting a couple of Shrubbery items (I can just hear the Monty Python crew saying "Shrubbery!")

The quest ends saying that Roger has been restored to his rightful place in the Shrubbery, I just didn't know where! Well... actually I did. Luckily for me, Morgrim had taken me through this part of Avalon a while back and I sort of remembered the spot he would appear in... so it actually didn't take long to find him :)

This moment had been a long time coming. Ever since I finished my Christmas in July garden I have been hanging out for this spell!

I don't know if you remember that particular post. It started a conversation about whether the Happy Holidaisy looks better at Elder or at not. I had decided that a field of them at Elder was hard on the eyes, and difficult to actually pick out the individual plants.

So I decided that I would buy the Second Spring spell as soon as I could and start changing them to Red and White and see what looked best. I'll do another little post on that soon.

As you can see - it has taken Aug-Dec to get this spell. I'm now officially Spiral broke, but I have the spell. I see quite a bit of Halfang time in my immediate future as I need gold for the Reagents for Deer Knight..... but I have the spell.

Time to go back to my Winter Castle and start waving my new spell at those Happy Holidaisy plants. I wonder how it will all look for Christmas?

Have fun, until next time,

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! That spell is just so expensive.

    And, I know you did not have enough energy to convert them all but I quite like your two-tone Christmas garden.

    And, talking of Christmas: have a merry one! I'm planning to get into the festive spirit by scrolling on back to last year to listen to the Wizard Keep's song once more...oh unless it has already been reposted.