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Friday, 12 December 2014

King Artorious!!!!

Firstly, my apologies

After recently finishing Azteca (FINALLY!!!!) and doing the quests to unlock Khrysalis, I was asked to have a chat with the King of Avalon; King Artorious.

After asking if he wanted to join the Council of Light and the answer being 'I'm busy with things here,' The King thought that he would be able to help me in another way. The next minute, I had a new spell and was off to Unicorn Way to bash some souls.

I obviously couldn't wait to see this spell in action so I went to a quiet Realm and waited for my pips to gain.

Once I had them, I hit that spell and....

After that first fail I was ready to try again, and The King doesn't disappoint!

Until Next Time!

- Blaze


  1. Congratulations!

    Not sure that I've ever actually seen a Death King Artorius spell being cast before.

    1. Thanks Scarlet! :D

      I was looking forward to it for a while and am glad to have artorius around in fights.