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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 9 Hyde Park

Hey everyone! I'm back today with another episode of my guide to grub guardian. In this episode we are entering Marleybone and firstly conquering Hyde Park.

The strategy for this map was rather different but fairly simple and got the job done. We, of course, starting out by placing out Epic fire pet and started the map with a star tower and a myth tower. These guys were able to take out the first wave with ease and after that, I upgraded the myth and bought and ice tower placed just above it to give the other towers more time to hit. Next, I took the ice to snowman and the myth tower to minotaur.

After this, I decided we needed a life tower so I put it in a spot to get the most out of it's range. I then began upgrading everything again, including the star tower and to finish, placed the final ice tower. A couple upgrades later and we were done!

Although this week was fairly short/easy, the maps will begin picking up in difficulty the further we go into Marleybone!

That's all from me folks! I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this episode/post and good luck in your grub guardian endeavours.

- Blaze

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