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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 8 The Krokosphinx

Hey everyone! I'm back today with another episode in the guide to grub guardian series! This week we are tackling the final map of Krokotopia, The Krokosphinx. While this means we are near the end of Krokotopia, we are fast approaching Marleybone so I hope you're ready for that!

Anyway, the basic gist of things for this map relied heavily upon luck (to an extent) as we were using death towers which I try to avoid most of the time. However, even if you aren't that lucky, it's still almost a guaranteed victory, you might just need to try again for the gold, however, I was able to get it myself.

Basically, we start off with our pet as always and I placed him a bit to the left of the big gap so that we can fit in our other towers. Next up was a few death towers for the early rounds although the pet should probably be able to take them down, it's better safe then sorry. After this, I placed a few ice towers to keep them in range of the death for as long as possible and finally placed a Life tower (which gets all towers in it's range) to get those death towers shooting even faster.

The rest was consisted of more and more death towers and then levelling everything. I'm happy with this strategy, regardless of the use of death towers and hope you will be too.

Well, that's all from me for today folks! Hopefully you enjoyed and learned something too! And good luck with whatever Grub Guardian maps you're tackling yourself.

- Blaze

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