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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Loving the Gardening Assistance

One of the things I like about playing Wizard101 is the little things.  The minor mods, the tweaks, that all make our life in the Spiral just that little bit easier or more fun.

The newest mod that has caught my eye enough to post about is the change to the Gardening 'button' when you are at your house.

The way gardening used to work is that you go to your house, click on the Gardening button and switched into gardening mode.  You would then service your plants and tend to their needs.

Eventually, they would turn Elder and you can reap the maximum rewards.

This was always good and the way it worked in the Spiral.

...and every now and then, you would find that lone plant or experimental garden that you had simply forgotten all about!

Not any more!

Now, when you go Home and look at your Gardening button, it actually tells you something about your plants and the state of their health.

This little one lets you know there is work to be done.  Somewhere there is a plant that has needs or pests to be attended to.

This is the typical icon that you will see when you come Home as, if you are tending your garden on a regular basis, they will let you know that it is time to provide assistance.  Don't forget, the more you visit your Home, the more frequently you will need to tend to your plants.

This one, however, tells you that there is a plant somewhere that you might have forgotten!  There is a plant out there in desperate need of assistance, and will die a horrible death if you cannot get there in time.

However, it is worth realising that this icon won't be shown once your plant has died.  once that has happened, the only thing left to do is to Revive it (if it is worth the effort) or simply dig it back into the ground.

Still, for me, this has already been very helpful.  I hadn't been to one of my gardens in a while and I thought I had handled all the current needs.  Then I had a plant that was wilting!  Aha, a quick circle of the garden made me realise it was my "Pixie Plant", the Fiery Boom Shroom I keep alive to ensure the garden is always well services for Pixie's.

A quick spell later and all was right again.

Great idea KI.  These are the things we appreciate!

See you 'round the Spiral.


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