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Friday, 23 January 2015

Double Gardening Rewards?

When logging into the spiral today, I noticed something a bit different.

What?? I logged on immediately to check my garden!

Sadly, My DHE's (Deadly Helephant Ears) weren't ready for harvest.

 But my Couch Potatoes were! :)

Interested in how this, Double Reward deal would work, I harvested...

It turns out that they actually were talking about DOUBLE rewards! As shown below, I got the reward I would normally receive (gold, tc and snack) but then I got it again!

The only thing I'm interested in knowing is.. What about at Elder? Things Like CP's DHE's and EMP's are good to farm, not only for their rewards, but also for the fact that they replenish themselves at elder.

Will 2 CP seeds drop at Elder? Will KingsIsle do more of these double rewards events?

I'm not sure, but you should definitely get gardening!!

Good Luck Gardening!

- Blaze


  1. Yes double seeds back as well! A wonderful present,,, now if only I hadn't harvested my EMPs the day before.

    But guess I shouldn't be greedy. Good luck at getting your garden to elder before Sunday and reaping the reward.

    Good luck to Tabitha and Morgrim too.

  2. Hey Scarlet - guess what? I had a field of Couch Potatoes and EMPs all at Elder :)

    Now I have double! What an awesome surprise gesture! Thanks Kings Isle!!

  3. I got it! :D

    I woke up this morning to see a full garden of elder Couchies. Now I have a full stacked garden and almost 2 pages to spare!

    - Blaze

  4. Congratulations to you too!

    (I managed to get in a harvest of my EMPs too and am so very pleased. Wonderful how generous KingsIsle has been.)