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Monday, 2 February 2015

Intrigue, Realisation and a dash of Woo Hoo!

Top stories this week.....
  • What do you think is going on?
  • Craftable Tapestries
  • Double Gardening Rewards
So this week has a dash of intrigue, a touch of realisation and some good old "look at what I got"! Swordroll gives us the intrigue we all love from the blogs around the web. Well I love it it anyway - when little bits and pieces are taken from different sources over time and they are put together to form questions about the future. Our very own Blaze takes a look at the craftable tapestries and I included a couple of YouTube videos to point out the generousity of KI with the Double Gardening rewards.

Don't forget you can click on the paper to see the rest of the news being shared this week!

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

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