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Sunday 13 December 2015

Pet Training Gurus (or not!) Unite! Double Points!

Now this is truly EPIC (if you are a member that is...)!

If you are anything like me, you travel the Spiral, hatch with friends, have a hatching focus for a while, fight some bad guys...and the result is 5 pages of pets!  Even when I went through and pruned the ones I really didn't want, or didn't have a chance of giving me the talents I wanted, I still had 3.5 pages of pets!

At 8 items per page, that is 28 pets!  Insane - especially as many of them hadn't been trained often, if they had even been trained at all!

Then there are the Snacks.  When you garden as much as I have, I have well over 300 Fancy Yoghurt, Golden Wheat Bread, Pixie Sticks and others with more than 1500 Mega Snacks all up.

That is a lot of snacks!

Training, however, is something I have put on hold for a while.  It is something I do when I have some spare time - but the guys at KingsIsle have found a way to tempt me back...

..Double Experience, and Double Rewards!

Yes, you heard (read) it right.  For a perfect score (or over a certain score), you can earn +8 points for training, and up to +100 points for the right snack!! That is +108 points for a single run!!!

Initially, my goal was to rip King Pepper to Ultra.  About 20 mins later I was at 1987 points...and I stopped.  13 short...but I couldn't bring myself to wasting another snack (and another 10 Energy) to get those 13 points when I could have used them to get 108 points somewhere else. Hmmm...that got me thinking.  What is the best way to use this points earning power bestowed on us?

Well, it clearly wasn't to waste it on 13 points.

If I can early 100 points with every Fancy Yoghurt eaten, the best way to take advantage of 50 free points per training run is to make as many runs as possible!  My initial thought of pushing through that long slog to Ultra was probably a little misguided (although it *was* fast!).

Oh, BTW - for those who don't know, don't expect a talent or extra Gem slot for Ultra (as at Dec 15 anyway) will just let you use an Ultra pet Gem.

So, back to the challenge at hand.  I have 157 Energy when I have my Energy Set on.  To put this in perspective:

To get to

  -  TEEN: 2 games, 4 points
  -  ADULT: 4 games, 12 points
  -  ANCIENT: 9 games, 42 points
  -  EPIC: 17 games, 108 points

I could keep going, but these are the important ones for me. I can get, on one day, 3 pets to Ancient on one full use of Energy.  This reveals 3 out of their 5 possible talents, so it provides a great return on the time and energy it takes to get there.

So, I don't know about you, but I am off to train some pets!  I train to fight, not race, and Lady Ellie just got Fairy Friend, Spell Defy and ... Pierce Train.  Hmm...

Next Pet Please!!

And if you are interested, I still believe in this post I posted ages ago on how to level quickly - now even more relevant while these double points last.

Good luck, have fun and...

...See you 'round the Spiral!


Thursday 10 December 2015

More free codes from MMORPG!

Yep, they're at it again!  Great prizes from MMORPG!

If you want to get a random item from the Yuletide Pack (or even the Pack itself), get yourself over to their site, go to the bottom of the, prove you are not a robot and CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!

You know, I soooo wanted a Lump of Coal...but no such luck.

Hmm...well, my prize was a far from from inspiring!

Let me know how you get on?

See you 'round the Spiral!


Sunday 6 December 2015

Blaze's Tips & Tricks No. 10 Free Crowns! KI Trivia!

Hey everyone, I'm back today to talk about a sort-of-not-really-kinda new feature KI added to the game which gives you free crowns for answering simple (or difficult) trivia questions!

A lot of you might not know about this, especially if you're a member as it only shows in-game to non-members. Basically, it's as simple as it sounds. You can simply go to KIFreeGames and complete any trivia quizzes you want. They have varying questions of varying difficulties and varying themes.

Once you arrive at the website, you can choose a theme for the trivia you wish to complete. Each set of trivia has a 12 questions and if you get 75% correct or higher, you get 10 free crowns! You can do this up to 10 times per day! That means, you can, after one day, you can stitch some new gear! Four days, you can buy a pack!

Although this may not seem like much, you can (if you're crazy dedicated), get absolutely everything in the game by completing this trivia! After saving just a little more, you can buy that next area, or new mount you want!

This change isn't new as of now, but for anyone who hasn't seen it, I just wanted to point out this amazing thing KingsIsle has done to help members and non-members alike.

Anyway, thanks very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Blaze's Tips & Tricks No. 9 Extra Energy!

Hey everyone! I'm here today bringing back something you haven't seen in a while! As you can tell, it's the Tips & Tricks series! I know a lot of you like these posts so I've decided to try and bring them back. Anyway, let's get into today's Tips & Tricks, Extra Energy!

Energy Gear is a unlike your regular everyday fighting gear and is often not very effective in battle. It instead, caters more to you whilst you're asleep or away from the Spiral for a while... Energy Gear is gear that adds to your max energy which lets you build up more energy during downtimes. If you can get the right gear, you can increase your max energy by huge amounts, up to even 234 at the very, very highest (includes sockets).

There are all sorts of energy gear and you can get the energy bonuses on all gear excluding decks, wands and mounts. You can even receive energy from pets such as the Dapper Corgi! Energy gear is any gear that gives you increased max energy, meaning you can build up more energy whilst equipping this gear. An example of when this is effective is whilst you are offline, you can build up energy for gardening, fishing and pet training.

Now, you obviously don't want to fight in this gear and switching out constantly, this is where gear sets come in handy! KingsIsle even including an 'energy set' name as a possibility to name a set. With this, just one click of a button and you can build up your energy to a greater extent.

There is one final piece of advice that I have for anyone buying energy elixirs. If you are going to buy an energy elixir, make sure you get your energy down low first than make sure you've got your energy gear equipped. This will again, give you more energy.

Well, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Top 5 Best Looking Mounts

Hey guys,

I'm Edward and you probably won't recognize me because its been a long time since my last post. Today I'm talking about my top 5 favourite looking mounts in Wizard 101.

Arcus Cloud!

The Arcus Cloud, it is quite a nice mount because it doesn't take up much room at all on your screen. I know some mounts that take up literally the whole screen and block your character completely from view. Along with the view this mount also gives a very smooth ride and looks nice overall.

Swift Shadow Wings

These death shadow wings made it into the top 5 because they look stunning, especially for death wizards. Another reason is because they don't take up any unnecessary space on your screen so you can enjoy the surroundings like in Dragonspyre. The final reason is it sends you on a smooth ride to where ever you want to be.

Storm Whirlwind
The Storm Whirlwind is much like the Arcus cloud being storm like ,but is different when it comes to looks. The purple on this cloud matches the storm bolts that shoot out of it and it looks more like a storm. Another reason is because it suits storm so well.  I personally recommend this for storm wizards for just its amazing looks.

Battle Narwhal
This underwater beast is actually quite graceful. It may look tough & mean but is really hilarious. As you cling on the saddle he performs a very majestic jump and spin and it looks awesome.  I love the Narwhal because of its amazing look and the detail in the body & armour.

Tangle Wood Vine
This mount easily made it to first spot because it is such a nice mount.  Its a vine that sprouts out of the ground for you and it looks amazing the way it tangles up and forms a big surfboard surface that you ride on.  The colours on this vine suits the thickness very nicely. Also the lighter and darker patches add a lot of detail to the mount as well as the spots that make it pop out.

Well There you have it.  My top 5 Wizard 101 mounts.  Also leave in the comments what your favourite mount is, and what you think I should do in the future.  Please tell me what you think of my countdown, and things I could do to improve your entertainment.

See you Guys later
Edward Stormglade

Monday 26 October 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 10 Chelsea Court

Hey everyone! I'm back today with the 10th instalment to my Guide to Grub Guardian series. This episode we're taking a look into Chelsea Court, the second of the Marleybone maps.

This map was fairly simple and straightforward. The strategy mainly only consisted of using star towers due to the treeants which are a pain to take out without star towers. I placed the pet in a relatively centralised position and then placed the myth tower opposite it to get a similar damage output on both sides. The myth and pet tower's job is basically to get anything the star towers don't focus on, stuff like the ghouls and sometimes skeletons. The combination if very effective and works well to gain a fairly easy win on Chelsea Court.

Well, thanks for reading/watching and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Sunday 25 October 2015

Halloween Towers in Ravenwood!

Hey everyone! I'm back today with a quick run down of the Halloween Towers in Ravenwood, one of my favourite parts of Halloween. There are three Halloween dungeons for wizards of all levels to complete. The suggested levels for these dungeons correspond to the names of them and the list can be found here (eg. apprentice, 6-10. apprentice tower, 6-20. at 20 it becomes adept).

The first tower is the Apprentice Tower, recommended for wizards level 6-20. It is the easiest tower and therefore is obviously made for lower level wizards. This tower has 5 floors, and includes a boss battle and a wisp collection floor. The first three floors of this tower consist of normal fight with enemies around 100-200 health. Floor 4 as a room with a bunch of wisps that you have to collect in within 20 seconds. The final floor of this tower is the boss floor. The boss has 500 health so it's a bit of a jump but nothing you can't handle.

The second tower is the Adept Tower. Recommended for wizards level 20-40. It is the second hardest/ easiest of the three dungeons. This tower again, has 5 floors with 3 of them being normal fights, 1 a boss and 1 puzzle like stage. The first 3 floors are fairly easy and once arriving upon the 4th floor, you'll be told to collect the blue ones. You must collect the blue wisps first, then the red/blue wisps will turn blue. Collect those to move on. The final boss of this dungeon has a total of 800 health. He has no cheats so it is, again, a nice and straightforward fight.

The final tower is the Master Tower, recommended for wizards level 40+. It is the hardest of the dungeons and has a slightly more challenging fight at the end. Just like every tower, the first 3 floors consist of normal street fight (equivalent) battles. The fourth floor however, is a bit different. You still have your blue wisps however they are behind more enemies. You must defeat the enemies quickly as one will disappear every 15 seconds while you fight. The final battle is against a 3,800 health cheating boss who won't let you heal unless you are willing to take a +30% hex from him, making you vulnerable. This cheat, whilst small, can cause great damage so heal only when you need to.

Well, thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed! Good luck if you're looking to run through these dungeons!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Monday 12 October 2015

Halloween Is Here!

Hey everyone! I'm back today to let you know (if you didn't already) that Halloween is here in the spiral! Halloween is always a big part of Wizard101 and there are always awesome events, quests, costumes and more!

The first thing I'm going to talk about to do with this update is the quests from both Dworgyn and Jack Hallow. Jack Hallow is a scarecrow that appears in the commons every year and gives lots of quests for you to do over the month of October. The quests all happen in areas open to everyone meaning that even if you aren't a member or don't pay for crowns, you can still participate in almost all the quests.

There's also Dworgyn who gives you the quest to defeat the dreaded Nosferabbit. I believe you can access the dungeon without paying for crowns by porting to get the quest from Dworgyn. However, I don't know if you can enter the dungeon itself without crowns.

There are also the three Halloween dungeon towers located in Ravenwood for you to complete with other wizards. These dungeons are great fun and vary in length and skill level so be careful when entering the harder ones!

There are a few other quick things I want to mention such as the new fish roaming the spiral, so look out for that as it'll only be here for a limited time!

Lastly, there are some returning packs and new costumes and Halloween themed items for your wizard.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Enjoy yourself this Halloween and make it count!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 9 Hyde Park

Hey everyone! I'm back today with another episode of my guide to grub guardian. In this episode we are entering Marleybone and firstly conquering Hyde Park.

The strategy for this map was rather different but fairly simple and got the job done. We, of course, starting out by placing out Epic fire pet and started the map with a star tower and a myth tower. These guys were able to take out the first wave with ease and after that, I upgraded the myth and bought and ice tower placed just above it to give the other towers more time to hit. Next, I took the ice to snowman and the myth tower to minotaur.

After this, I decided we needed a life tower so I put it in a spot to get the most out of it's range. I then began upgrading everything again, including the star tower and to finish, placed the final ice tower. A couple upgrades later and we were done!

Although this week was fairly short/easy, the maps will begin picking up in difficulty the further we go into Marleybone!

That's all from me folks! I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this episode/post and good luck in your grub guardian endeavours.

- Blaze

Saturday 26 September 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 8 The Krokosphinx

Hey everyone! I'm back today with another episode in the guide to grub guardian series! This week we are tackling the final map of Krokotopia, The Krokosphinx. While this means we are near the end of Krokotopia, we are fast approaching Marleybone so I hope you're ready for that!

Anyway, the basic gist of things for this map relied heavily upon luck (to an extent) as we were using death towers which I try to avoid most of the time. However, even if you aren't that lucky, it's still almost a guaranteed victory, you might just need to try again for the gold, however, I was able to get it myself.

Basically, we start off with our pet as always and I placed him a bit to the left of the big gap so that we can fit in our other towers. Next up was a few death towers for the early rounds although the pet should probably be able to take them down, it's better safe then sorry. After this, I placed a few ice towers to keep them in range of the death for as long as possible and finally placed a Life tower (which gets all towers in it's range) to get those death towers shooting even faster.

The rest was consisted of more and more death towers and then levelling everything. I'm happy with this strategy, regardless of the use of death towers and hope you will be too.

Well, that's all from me for today folks! Hopefully you enjoyed and learned something too! And good luck with whatever Grub Guardian maps you're tackling yourself.

- Blaze

Sunday 20 September 2015

Pet Update/Double Pet Experience?

Hey everyone, It's Wizard101's 7th Birthday! This normally means a few special giveaways, competitions, bonuses, etc. So, I jumped onto the Wizard101 website this morning and I was personally stunned by what I saw...

This.. This is absolutely amazing. This is crazy. If this means what I think it means...

Oh yea! This is insane! I can get my tempest pet to ancient in just 5 games! I decided to go ahead and do that because it just seems too easy not to.

Any Members, If you haven't spent all of your energy on a bunch of free seeds from ancient pets then I really would recommend going to the Pet Pavilion and getting the best out of your snacks. If you aren't a member, I'm sorry but this is just too good not to write something on. Members, please take advantage of your time with these benefits as it is going away September 8th. Anyway, here are the talents...

Not to mention I also unlocked a new socket! :D
I kept training and before long (seriously, it's incredibly fast), got my Epic talents

Well, I'll let you go back to your partying in the spiral. Enjoy your items and have fun this September!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Thursday 3 September 2015

7th Birthday for Wizard101 - and KI have officially gone nuts!

Happy 7th birthday Wizard101!  The birthday where Wizard101 gets older, and we all get the gifts :)

Wow.  This is quite a birthday surprise!

Blaze was very excited and told me I needed to get a post out because what KI have lined up is truly remarkable.

Let's see how/where to start...

Well, first there are the 7, (yes 7!) free gifts you get just by logging into the website and using the code:  happy7thbday

  • Origami Party Crane Pet
  • Birthday Hat
  • Confetti Canon
  • Major Fishing Elixir
  • Ultra Dandelion Seed
  • Birthday Cake Snack
  • Huge Ice Cream Snack

OK, so some of these are definitely better than others - but seriously - a free Pet?! And it really is a great looking pet too :)

Then of course there are the new Crown shop items:

  • Party Corgi Pet
  • Reg. Keeper Party Multi-Tank Aquarium
  • Birthday Party Cake Housing Item
  • Party Chair Housing Item
  • Party Buffet Table Housing Item

The 5 B.O.X.E.S. event and the Lost Pages events are BOTH back at the same time!

And then...if you are a member, well...

  • Double pet experience
  • Double gardening rewards
  • Free PVP tournaments
  • Free training point buy back
It is just MAD!  I was just thinking while planting out my EMPs the other day...I wonder when there'll be another double gardening reward?

...and that means those Mega-Snacks are worth 100 PET EXPERIENCE!!  Woohoo!!

And of course, (and Alia will be pleased to hear this!) there is the dun, dun , dahhh..."MYSTERY FISH"!

I wonder what he is...and I wonder where he'll be?

So, again, Happy Birthday Wizard101 and KI.  Congratulations and I might just go and collect my free stuff...

See you 'round the Spiral!


Saturday 29 August 2015

Join a Team Kiosk! Marleybone & Mooshu

Hey everyone! I'm back today with another Join a Team Kiosk post, this time helping out in Marleybone and Mooshu.

So, I hopped into the Kiosk and joined the first dungeon I saw which just happened to be Counterweight East. I hadn't done this dungeon in a long time and I remember it looking very nice and also enjoyable. The young wizard I was helping in this dungeon was Isaac TitanRider (remember that, it's important).

Anyway, up the tower we went (fairly quickly thanks to deer knight) until we finally reached the top! This fight was obviously a little bit harder comparatively but still fairly easy considering it's Marleybone. Anyway, a few blades and a deer knight later and the fight was over,

Next up in Mooshu (several hours later mind you) I joined a Crimson Fields dungeon with... the very same Isaac TitanRider!! And this was several hours later!! I personally found it amazing as I didn't check to see who it was beforehand and... what are the chances?

Anyway, this dungeon was fairly long but again, deer knight helped us through all the fights relatively quickly. As we progressed through this large dungeon, we were beginning to find our stride taking out enemy after enemy and finally completing the dungeon!

Well, that's all for today and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!

- Blaze

Monday 24 August 2015

Tempest Pet 2.0

I have decided to come back to my side project of replicating my once perfect Penumbra Drake pet (perfect until KI released Ultra :P) except as a Tempest! (which I absolutely love the look of).

I began this little Tempest quest quite a while ago but stopped because (somehow) I ran out of Mega Snacks. It has been quite a while since then however, and thanks to my Couch Potatoes and EMPs I've built up quite a stockpile of Megas and this will hopefully give me some good talents fast!

The talents I believe I'm going to be aiming for are (no particular order):

1. Death Dealer
2. Pain Giver
3. Fairy
4. Spell Proof
5. Spell Defy
6. ?

I'm not yet sure what I want as my 6th talent for my Perfect Pet so any recommendations, I am happy to take into consideration. Anyway, I started training the newly hatched Tempest and these are the talents I've gotten so far...

Not too shabby! I'm definitely happy with these talents and will get back to training once I have the energy.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Monday 10 August 2015

Join a Team Kiosk! Wizard City & Krokotopia

Hello again everyone! Today I decided to jump into the spiral and help out some lower level wizards with their questing and dungeon fights. I figured I'd try and help someone in all of the worlds of the spiral using the Join a Team Kiosk!

The Wizard City dungeon I joined was Skull Fort. There was a full team of lower level wizards and there were all eager to fight. I bladed up for a round and saw a distressed 'No!' 'Don't use that spell!'. I wondered what was wrong with blading up or if he was even talking to me, nevertheless, I used deer knight the next round and finished the fight.

The Krokotopian dungeon I joined was the Scavenged Tomb. This time there was only myself and another death wizard. This time I bladed and hit but was able to ask if that was wanted. It was and I'm guessing the wizard was struggling with the dungeon, considering it was two death enemies.

Thanks for reading this fairly different post and I'll see you in the next one where we help out in two more wizard worlds!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Saturday 8 August 2015

Rattlebones - The Exalted Dungeon...The 1st Time.

If you remember from my last post, you will have seen that I have 3 Rattlebones dungeons.  This gives us time to learn from our mistakes and to optimise these fights.  We don't tend to look for help when completing them, preferring to work things out for ourselves.  That said, it also means we can describe what happened for those of you who like to understand how these fights unfold.

BTW - This is not meant to be a "how-to" guide...more a "how-not-to" one!

We knew Rattlebones would hit with a big Mana Burn, and that a Feint would be turned on its owner.  We knew the Fairy Queen was in there and we would need a bunch of Ether Shields in order to survive (simplistic but essential advice).  Other than that, we didn't know a lot.

We decked ourselves out in (what we thought was) the appropriate gear.  I pulled on plenty of damage and critical bonus, with a good mix of universal defence.  While it wasn't the strongest gear I had, I wasn't sure what to expect, so the general resist to all seemed like a fair position to take. we wrong.

You have to remember, we haven't been around the Spiral quite as much lately, and we hadn't fought like a team in a while.  Let's just say...we were rusty!

The fight opened well with Blaze hitting early and me following suit to take out the minions.  Let's just say it was less successful than we had hoped and it wasn't long before Alia's healing was desperately needed!

Still, as fast as could get pips, the cheats kept us at bay, and before too long we were fleeing and returning and quickly as we could.  If you follow our blog, you'll know we *hate* fleeing, preferring to heal and keep the team together.

It didn't take long to realise the folly of that decision!

You can see in the bottom image the results of one of Rattlebones' new spells, putting a very effective (and impressive-looking) shield in place, and that Fairy Queen truly has bad taste if she reckons I'm not as charming and Rattlebones!  Still, jokes aside, stealing any charm that put up in the air get very frustrating when your enemy has 30,000 health and healing friends.

Then the new spells started making an appearance, as well as some extremely hard hitting natural attacks.  Don't be surprised if your whole team is taken out by one of these AoE spells.  They are vicious.

A couple of hours in, we had Rattlebones down to 15,000 health, and Blaze's friend Alia Night was wondering past.  She gave him a great tip (well, this isn't the actual tip, but made it made us think) - the Doom and Gloom can be stopped!


If you want to beat this dungeon, it is equally important for you to use  Dispel spells as well as Ether Shields.  (hint: Balance and Storm).

Unfortunately or fortunately, we didn't ever get a chance to stop the Doom as we killed the old Rattler first.  It was interesting at this point.  The Fairy Queen kept up her spells and that of Rattlebones for a while, but after casting a Steal Charm, she stopping stealing my charms.

Once we realised that, it was a rollercoaster from there, with a BIG stop at the end - for the Fairy Queen.  Some people say "overkill", but I just say "kill" - the bigger the better.

So a 61.5K hit later, and the Fairy Queen, her minions and good old Rattlebones were once again sent packing.

Time to check out that chest!

Blaze did well with a Master's Socket Wrench, and I got another Ultra seed, so I was happy.  Alia got some boots, but the really didn't cut it, so she will need to wait until next time to get a good drop.

Well, now that we are done, there are 2 more Rattlebones dungeons that I have left to try.  Now that we know more about it we'll see how quickly we can get through next time.

So good luck when you meet Rattlebones yourself and...

See you 'round the Spiral!


Monday 3 August 2015

Rattlebones Rank 7! Master Dungeon!

So I entered the commons today and found a young wizard asking around for help. No one else wanted to and I wasn't particularly busy so I decided to give him a hand.

I followed Cody back to his house and it turns out that he wanted help with his Rattlebones dungeon. So this was what he needed help with! After recently finishing the exalted version with Alia and Mogrim, I thought it would be good fun to revisit at a lower level.

Everything was going smoothly until a few minutes into the fight, he died. He only has Menu Chat so I was afraid about what to do. Thankfully however, Cody knows his stuff and fled the duel only to reappear a little later healthy and ready to fight.

I powered up as much as I could manage without storm dispels (Fairy Queen is annoying) and struck out with a fairly big deer knight that took out the fairy's and left Rattlebones unhealthy.

After a powered up Avenging Fossil took out Rattlebones, it was time to see what I got from the chest!

Sadly, the loot this time was mostly just housing items and snacks, however, for some reason I have a thing with wands and got a wand with.. Resistance! This is the first I've seen of something like this and it's an interesting concept! I won't be using it on my wizard personally but it's cool to have!

 Thank you everyone very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Friday 31 July 2015

Terror's Hoard Pack Opening!

Hi everyone! I'm back today with a video of me opening a bunch of the new Terror's Hoard Pack!

The Terror's Hoard pack is a Darkmoor themed pack that contains very good armour/weapons, as well as spooky housing items for your house.

Here is the short video of my pack opening!

As you can see, I managed to open a load of housing items which are definitely going to be used in my death house above all others due to the fact that the items themes are very similar and work really well together. The housing items look great and I'm really happy to have gotten so many. However...

There was one stand-out item that I opened from these packs and that is the wand!

This beautiful looking wand has crit to rival my Hades' wand while still having a block to rival my Misty Mountain Mandolin! Pretty much, if I'm not specializing in tanking or hitting seriously hard, I'll be using this wand!

Thanks for reading/watching and hopefully you enjoyed!

Until next time!

- Blaze

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 7 Pyramid of the Sun

Welcome to my seventh instalment of my guide to Grub Guardian! This time we're taking on the second last map of Krokotopia, the Pyramid of the Sun! This map doesn't have many options for a pets 2x2 required space and so I decided to place mine off to the left of the centre point, (placing on the right would most definitely give similar results) and got started.

The strategy for this episode included starting off with myth towers to get damage done on the smaller enemies and the life tower to get that damage out faster. After the myth towers were max, I bought a few ice towers and after, began investing into a star tower.

Seeing as this map brings lots of bosses on the last few waves, the star tower did incredible damage to them and I was just able to max it, therefore utilised the red laser.

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully I helped you out!

- Blaze

Sunday 26 July 2015

Rattlebones Revenge! Or is it?

Well, well, well ... now the Ultra update has been quite an update!  The revenge of all the old bosses, beefed up.

This is enough to have some real fun with!  One thing I have always been disappointed in has been the constant nerfing of bad guys.  I understand why they do it, but I really like prefer fighting the tougher opponents.

So, it was back to Unicorn Way to track down that old foe Rattlebones - but this time I'm a little more 'prepared'.  It was a long time ago since the last time I was here but I remember the fight well. Two on one, and a solo fight - after spending so much time at the start questing with Alia, the solo fight was a good burst of adrenalin.

So, the fight begins...

Whoa! It really is a different fight this time around.  I really don't remember them having such low health!

OK, that makes this fight is much easier now.

Actually, this is a reverse massacre.

The first 5 or so fights was just fun playing with him...but then I had to start feeding my pet all the rubbish I kept getting from these drops.  I realised that I had better clear out my backpack and settle in for a farming session.

It took about 15 fights, but with a deck full of meteors, it didn't take long.

And there it was...the Rattlebones Exaulted Duel.

In fact, one of the first things Alia asked me when I got the drop was - did you get a screenshot?  And of course, I was so surprised that I got the drop I had forgotten to capture it.

Actually, I was so out of practice writing blog entries, it took me 3 drops before I remembered to capture it!  Still, it did answer one important question for me...can I have more than one Duel at a time...and clearly...yes, you can!

I can't wait to see what is inside.  Apparently Rattlebones is seriously beefed up.  Why do I get the feeling that the fights to get the dungeon drop are going to be LOT easier than the fights inside the dungeon?

Let's just say, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

See you 'round the Spiral!