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Sunday 13 December 2015

Pet Training Gurus (or not!) Unite! Double Points!

Now this is truly EPIC (if you are a member that is...)!

If you are anything like me, you travel the Spiral, hatch with friends, have a hatching focus for a while, fight some bad guys...and the result is 5 pages of pets!  Even when I went through and pruned the ones I really didn't want, or didn't have a chance of giving me the talents I wanted, I still had 3.5 pages of pets!

At 8 items per page, that is 28 pets!  Insane - especially as many of them hadn't been trained often, if they had even been trained at all!

Then there are the Snacks.  When you garden as much as I have, I have well over 300 Fancy Yoghurt, Golden Wheat Bread, Pixie Sticks and others with more than 1500 Mega Snacks all up.

That is a lot of snacks!

Training, however, is something I have put on hold for a while.  It is something I do when I have some spare time - but the guys at KingsIsle have found a way to tempt me back...

..Double Experience, and Double Rewards!

Yes, you heard (read) it right.  For a perfect score (or over a certain score), you can earn +8 points for training, and up to +100 points for the right snack!! That is +108 points for a single run!!!

Initially, my goal was to rip King Pepper to Ultra.  About 20 mins later I was at 1987 points...and I stopped.  13 short...but I couldn't bring myself to wasting another snack (and another 10 Energy) to get those 13 points when I could have used them to get 108 points somewhere else. Hmmm...that got me thinking.  What is the best way to use this points earning power bestowed on us?

Well, it clearly wasn't to waste it on 13 points.

If I can early 100 points with every Fancy Yoghurt eaten, the best way to take advantage of 50 free points per training run is to make as many runs as possible!  My initial thought of pushing through that long slog to Ultra was probably a little misguided (although it *was* fast!).

Oh, BTW - for those who don't know, don't expect a talent or extra Gem slot for Ultra (as at Dec 15 anyway) will just let you use an Ultra pet Gem.

So, back to the challenge at hand.  I have 157 Energy when I have my Energy Set on.  To put this in perspective:

To get to

  -  TEEN: 2 games, 4 points
  -  ADULT: 4 games, 12 points
  -  ANCIENT: 9 games, 42 points
  -  EPIC: 17 games, 108 points

I could keep going, but these are the important ones for me. I can get, on one day, 3 pets to Ancient on one full use of Energy.  This reveals 3 out of their 5 possible talents, so it provides a great return on the time and energy it takes to get there.

So, I don't know about you, but I am off to train some pets!  I train to fight, not race, and Lady Ellie just got Fairy Friend, Spell Defy and ... Pierce Train.  Hmm...

Next Pet Please!!

And if you are interested, I still believe in this post I posted ages ago on how to level quickly - now even more relevant while these double points last.

Good luck, have fun and...

...See you 'round the Spiral!


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