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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Towers in Ravenwood!

Hey everyone! I'm back today with a quick run down of the Halloween Towers in Ravenwood, one of my favourite parts of Halloween. There are three Halloween dungeons for wizards of all levels to complete. The suggested levels for these dungeons correspond to the names of them and the list can be found here (eg. apprentice, 6-10. apprentice tower, 6-20. at 20 it becomes adept).

The first tower is the Apprentice Tower, recommended for wizards level 6-20. It is the easiest tower and therefore is obviously made for lower level wizards. This tower has 5 floors, and includes a boss battle and a wisp collection floor. The first three floors of this tower consist of normal fight with enemies around 100-200 health. Floor 4 as a room with a bunch of wisps that you have to collect in within 20 seconds. The final floor of this tower is the boss floor. The boss has 500 health so it's a bit of a jump but nothing you can't handle.

The second tower is the Adept Tower. Recommended for wizards level 20-40. It is the second hardest/ easiest of the three dungeons. This tower again, has 5 floors with 3 of them being normal fights, 1 a boss and 1 puzzle like stage. The first 3 floors are fairly easy and once arriving upon the 4th floor, you'll be told to collect the blue ones. You must collect the blue wisps first, then the red/blue wisps will turn blue. Collect those to move on. The final boss of this dungeon has a total of 800 health. He has no cheats so it is, again, a nice and straightforward fight.

The final tower is the Master Tower, recommended for wizards level 40+. It is the hardest of the dungeons and has a slightly more challenging fight at the end. Just like every tower, the first 3 floors consist of normal street fight (equivalent) battles. The fourth floor however, is a bit different. You still have your blue wisps however they are behind more enemies. You must defeat the enemies quickly as one will disappear every 15 seconds while you fight. The final battle is against a 3,800 health cheating boss who won't let you heal unless you are willing to take a +30% hex from him, making you vulnerable. This cheat, whilst small, can cause great damage so heal only when you need to.

Well, thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed! Good luck if you're looking to run through these dungeons!

Until next time!
- Blaze

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