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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Fun Way to Pass the Time UPDATED!

An updated version of my previous 'A Fun Way to Pass the Time' guide!

As going to the Commons to look for people to help can sometimes prove to be time consuming and challenging, KI decided to help us out and implement the 'Join a Team' Kiosk.

Pictured left, the 'Join a Team' Kiosk is basically a way to join anyone throughout the spiral that are using the 'Team Up' function. Please note that the dungeons shown are ONLY people using Team Up, if they are not, it will not show up here. This means if you're attempting to join a dungeon such as Tartarus, it would almost always be more effective to actually GO to Aquila to find a team, as many don't use Team Up for such dungeons.

You can also use the different tabs to cycle through the worlds of the spiral to make it easier to find specific dungeons.

So next time your finding yourself with nothing to do in the spiral, why not give it a go?

See you next time!

- Blaze

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