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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Your Own Style!

There are many elements to Wizard101. One of these numerous elements is actually fashion! While you'll see most 'cool' wizards walking around in their Warlord Robes & Elegant Hats/Footwear, there is much more to style then meets the eye (also, I have nothing against these pieces of armour, I just think they're overused).

When picking your attire, a good place to start looking is at Eloise Merryweather. She has quite a few styles of clothing which are cheap and paintable, make sure you look through the types of clothing and find one that YOU like. There's no point wearing something if you don't like it. Don't just go for stuff others like, go for things you like.

Also, feel free to go for a themed or even seasonal (e.g. Easter) look!
However, always remember to stitch your armour if you are planning on fighting with it!

For my new look, I decided to go for a themed one. Meet Blaze, the Travelling Minstrel!!

I chose a variety of different items for my set including the, Jester's Cap, Whimsical Coat, Jester's Slippers & the Misty Mountain Mandolin.

Thanks for Reading! I hope you enjoyed.
See you next time!
- Blaze


  1. One of my favorite things to wear is school themed outfits! E.g. a death robe which has death symbols on it. It's cool because even if your really high or low lvl you can stich with appropriate stats. It's really awsome if your, let's say, life. And you wear myth styled cloths. I have seen this from time to time and I think it's awesome!

    1. I must agree Hunter!

      I actually have a sort of Death themed set that I normally travel around in. I also am proud to wear this themed gear as I farmed bosses for a while to be able to get them. And they do look amazing :)

      - Blaze