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Monday, 2 September 2013

Gardening and the Power of the Pixie

Continuing on the theme of Gardening and Likes, possibly the best like you can get is the Pixie.

This one Like can reduce total harvest time by 25% on many seeds, and most seeds like Pixies.

So - how can you get a Pixie?  There are some plants that can attract Pixies, and all serious gardeners have their Pixie seed of choice.  For me, it is the Fiery Boom Shroom (perhaps it is the Fire in me?).  I have never been let down by these guys and you'll always see one around my garden.  Just make sure it is a seed with a long life before Elder.  For example, Alia loves Angel Oaks, but I find that Angel Oaks mature too quickly for me.

Historically, you could plant your "Pixie seed", then, once it attracted the Pixie, you could just let it die.  This would trap the Pixie in the dead plant and all other seeds planted in the area would take advantage of the Like from the Pixie.  Well, Kings Isle decided that this wasn't really fair on the poor little Pixie, so in one of the updates in 2013, a dead plant with a Pixie was just a dead plant.  No more Pixie likes.

So, now it is important to keep your Pixie seed alive once it gets its Pixie.  But it isn't quite that simple.

Firstly, the source for my Pixie seed.  You can get the Fiery Boom Shroom from Red Huckleberry drops, fight drops, packs or from two vendors, one in Nordrilund and one in Zafaria.  The guy in Zafaria (Narley) is much easier to get to, but I like visiting Ivaldi Silverpelt in Nordrilund.  Once again, there is a chance to showcase the beauty of the game, as you need to cross a bridge that spans a river of lava that splits a snowdrift.  The snow is nicely pushed back from the boiling mass of molten rock, and you have to admit, it looks spectacular.

So, once you hand over your 3,000 gold to Silverpelt for the seed, you can take it back to you garden and place it in your nicely prepared small plot, preferably on the outside of your field.

Let your plant grow until it is mature, servicing its two needs, and (hopefully) lower level pests.  Once it gets its Pixie, no more pests will appear, so a little water and a little magic once a day keeps this little guy very happy.

No matter what your chosen Pixie seed is, watch it as it grows.  When it starts getting close to Elder, stop!  Stop servicing its needs - it cannot be allowed to mature to Elder.  Once this happens, the Pixie will leave.  Instead, monitor its progress.  Once it starts to wilt and the status changes to "Progress to Dead", then get back in there and give it some help.  Again, a little water and a little magic, and the cycle starts again.  You have kept your Pixie and plant, and all the other plants that Like that little Pixie will continue to gain value from its presence.

Happy gardening and see you round the Spiral!


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